Got CALICHE? The most remote and unspoiled part of the American West runs in a five-hundred-mile arc through the deserts and "island" mountain ranges of eastern Nevada, the redrock canyons of southeastern Utah, and the high country of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. This website is dedicated to pursuing compromise land-use legislation that will protect and develop this inner core of the West under the name of the "Bright Angel Frontier." The Bright Angel Frontier Project will seek legislation that will attain three new goals. First, we would like to see Congress manage this vast tract of land as a single entity, so that the United States will again have a meaningful western frontier. Second, we would like to see this frontier fully accommodate the interests of both preservation and economic development, in such a way that development begins strongly around the perimeter of the tract and then gradually "thins out" until a wilderness is reached at the center. And third, we want to introduce, as one intermediate step in this thinning out, the new option of the Nineteenth Century area, in which people will be able to live and visit in a peaceful atmosphere without cars or electricity. In these ways we can break the deadlock between the forces of conservation and development, and can create a new frontier that all Americans can enjoy.

[ Hmmm... A utopian vision based on the mutually exclusive spatial positioning of 20th, 19th, and 18th Century technologies. I looked at their map and though... hey, in terms of infrastructure, the Navajo Indian Reservation is already in third world condition... these guys are half way home! And then of course I wondered, gee, couldn't we at least get a little ethnic cleansing in Las Vegas while we're at it ... ]