Got CALICHE? Hagemeier is dipping into a lifelong reservoir of knowledge and is putting together what may be the most comprehensive collections of brands and branding history in this part of the state. There are over 3,000 types of barbed wire. Photographers come from across the United States to catch a glimpse of what remains of the Wild West - rolling hills and junipers that dot the high desert land. The Garden of the Gods is a unique geological formation created when sandstone beds were pushed up from the earth and winds carved out small canyon walls and towers. The Zuni Salt Lake is located on Bureau of Land Management lands approximately nine miles southwest of the proposed SRP Fence Lake Coal Mine in Catron County, New Mexico. At stake is the disturbance of salt pilgrimage trails and burial sites. Pack burro races will highlight this year's Winston Spring Fiesta on Saturday, April 17. Visitors get a chance to spend a few hours in an old silver-mining town that boomed in the late 1880s and early 1890s. A lot of the old buildings are still standing. The annual Heritage Days in Pima will be Friday, April 16, and Saturday, April 17. The community of Central is the focus of this year's event, sponsored by the Eastern Arizona Museum & Historical Society. Plans for a Southeastern Arizona museum drew members of the Willcox Historical Society into a debate on involvement in Indian politics Thursday. Members of the Historical Society are going to the reservation on July 4 to meet the Apaches and discuss plans for the new museum. Ten years before her death in 1943, Sharlot Hall wrote her last will and testament. Its contents reveal much about this woman and her quest to preserve Arizona's history. Judge Hastings advised the ill-fated Donner Party to use his Hastings Cutoff in crossing the Nevada desert on their way to California in 1846. Their journey using his route took so long for them to reach the California mountains that they turned cannibal to survive. Some of the Donner Party members threatened to kill Hastings afterward. A bill allowing the sale of special vehicle license plates to help finance preservation of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, formerly known as the Big Springs Archaeological District, easily cleared the Assembly Transportation Committee Tuesday. The site's free-flowing waters attracted humans as many as 6,000 years ago. In July 1865, the Brother Jonathan with 244 people and two camels aboard encountered rough seas and crashed into a rock just off Crescent City. Only 19 people in one lifeboat survived. The camels didn't. It's not exactly the Titanic, but the good ship Brother Jonathan promises to yield a wealth of treasures from its sunken depths that should wow schoolchildren and history buffs up and down the state for years. Stuff: The Materials the World is Made Of [ Material Culture at its finest ] "You may not get these kids to mow the yard, but they'll dig for archaeology." [ Next year's theme for Archaeology Week ? ]