Got CALICHE? This little exhibit is somewhat of a quickie look at the santero, or saint-making, tradition in New Mexico, covering the period 1775-1998. For those who don't know the story that the statue of Our Lady was brought to New Mexico in 1625. The archibishop a few years back renamed her "The Conqueror" in an effort to assuage bad feelings about her role in the "peaceful retaking of Santa Fe." It's that "peaceful" business with which I have a real problem. If you still believe in the "bloodless coup" theory of how the Spanish came to reclaim New Mexico as their own, call me - I've got some beachfront land in Arizona for you. I look forward to the day when New Mexicans get honest about the past, get over it and get on with it. Lenin's 250-pound (113 kg) head is now missing. Management, one night late last month, chopped it off, on orders of Circus Circus Chief Executive Glenn Schaeffer, Ralston said. Schaeffer also ordered that the decapitated statue be splattered with white paint made to look like bird droppings, she added. The hotel plans to turn the severed Lenin head into a table inside the Red Square vodka bar and restaurant, Ralston said.

[ Should the Acoma send Onate statues to Las Vegas NV, or, put them in NM casinos? ] The economic-hardship provision in Salt Lake City's preservation ordinances is similar to standards in other cities with historic preservation or landmarks commissions. It's a safety valve for the private property owner. It is not a safety valve for the developer and should not be used that way. Anyone thinking of placing a collection online needs considerable expertise in databasing to deliver the goods, warns the anthropology department at the American Museum of Natural History. For the methods available, see their guide at The sarcophagus is the most important Roman burial find uncovered since at least 1877. It was uncovered a few weeks ago, six metres (20 feet) down.,3266,22947,00.html A burial site at 22,000 feet is giving scientists the best look yet at grisly Incan sacrificial rites food packaging technology [ time's arrow, technological and stylistic change? ]