TRIBE FILES CLAIM FOR MAINTENANCE OF HISTORIC BUILDING 04/05/99 WHITERIVER, Ariz.The White Mountain Apache Tribe filed a $14 million claim Monday, demanding the federal government fix up a historic military post. The Fort Apache Military Post, used during military clashes with the Apaches in the 19th century, was used until 1922. In 1960, Congress gave the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs the right to use the buildings for administration and schools, according to the tribe. But the tribe claims that federal officials have failed to maintain the historic post and allowed it to fall into disrepair. Tribal Chairman Dallas Massey Sr. said pleas to repair the structures have been ignored. Tribal officials estimate fixing up the post will cost nearly $14 million. A call made after hours to an Interior Department spokeswoman was not immediately returned Monday. Our national parks are America's natural and historical legacy, our treasures that we want to pass on to future generations. This budget chooses to ignore this responsibility and add to the mounting toll of decaying historical buildings, unmanaged crowds, and overburdened and broken facilities. Under this budget, by 2004 national parks would be hit with a $575 million cut. That's about half their entire current operating budget The Bexar County and Texas historical commissions brought Idlewild back to life recently by placing a historical marker to identify and remember the community's existence. Three hand-woven Indian baskets stolen in broad daylight from the Nevada Historical Society more than 20 years ago and valued at nearly $1 million have been officially returned. The event on Thursday ends a tale of thievery, dealing and negotiating. South American mummies could hold the key to modern diseases. The information could provide answers about the way many of today's diseases have developed. Her multidisciplinary department, made up of archaeologists, scientists and doctors, applies modern forensic and clinical techniques to examine ancient tissue and establish what diseases affected people in the distant past. Vladimir Lenin's embalmed body went back on display in its Red Square mausoleum Tuesday after a spring cleaning. Virtual mummy unwrapped by mouse click China To Regulate Web Sites Containing Artifact Info [April 7, 1999--HONG KONG] Chinese officials intend to tighten controls on Web sites that display information about national archeological treasures. This is apparently in response to incidents where thieves ransacked archeological sites by learning their secret location from Web sites, according to officials of China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH). SACH is in charge of information released about China's antiques and artifacts and launched a Chinese cultural heritage site earlier this year. Over 60 historical institutions and museums under SACH's umbrella have also launched their own sites. According to SACH officials, the relics that were stolen with the Web site information were smuggled out of the country and sold to collectors overseas. If you look at history, a lot of the major periods were defined by the materials that came of age at the time. We had the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, and the Industrial Age was iron and steel. I think the next great age will be defined by silicon. [ Siliconhenge ??? ] A hot bath can power a television set. Mike Rowe, of Cardiff University, has built a system that can generate 100 watts using the temperature difference between his cold water supply and a bath full of used hot water.

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