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Date:		Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:15:47
Subject: 	10th Annual Meeting Federal Preservation Forum
		October 27-30, SLC, Utah

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

Tenth Annual Meeting
Federal Preservation Forum
October 27 - 30, Salt Lake City, Utah

The conference hotel is the Shilo Inn on 206 S. West 
Temple, within walking distance of the Bureau of Land 
Management Utah State Office where the meetings will
be held. 

Preliminary Meeting Agenda and Field Trip Information

Tuesday, October 27
*Welcome and Administrative Arrangements - State Director,
Bureau of Land Management 
*Federal Preservation Forum Business Announcements 
*Overview of Bureau of Land Management Projects in Utah -
Garth Portillo, Bureau of Land Management's Utah State
Office Archaeologist 
*Cultural Resource Management Partnership Opportunities -
Wilson Martin, Deputy SHPO, Utah 
*Update on Congressional and Legislative Issues 
*Developing Cultural Resource Data Standards - Jan Townsend,
John Knoerl and Eric Ingbar 
*Update on NPS Heritage Preservation Program initiatives -
Bryan Mitchell and David Banks; 

Wednesday, October 28
*Status of 36 CFR 800 Regulations - Representative,
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 
*American Indian Tribal Sovereignty in the Modern Era -
Charles Wilkinson, Professor, Moses Lasky Professor of Law,
University of Colorado. 

Thursday, October 29
*NAGPRA and Federal Archaeology Program Issues -
Frank McManamon, Departmental Consulting Archaeologist, NPS 
*Preserving Historic Designed and Venacular Landscapes -
Charles Birnbaum, NPS 
*The Transportation Efficiency Act of 1998 - Bruce Eberle 

Friday, October 30
Friday will be devoted to a tour hosted by the BLM and
Utah SHPO. Tour guides will be Doug Melton, Salt Lake
Field Office Archaeologist for BLM, and Dr. Kevin Jones,
State Archaeologist for the State of Utah, Division of
State History. Please contact Garth Portillo by September
26th if you are interested in joing the field trip to
Danger Cave, etc. (see below). Travel will be by 4 x 4
vehicles and we need to make sure we have enough room for
everyone. Contact Garth at 801-539-4276 or by e-mail at

The West Desert and Danger Cave
Attendees should count on an all day trip, which will begin
with a two hour drive to the vicinity of the Nevada/Utah
border. En route, drivers will be able to point out some
key points of emigrant trails, etc. While other resources
will be looked at as time allows (WWII era facility which
housed the Enola Gay as it prepared for the bombing of
Japan, etc.), the focal point of the tour will be
prehistoric resources of the Great Basin, including some
important cave sites. One of these will be Danger Cave,
excavated by Jennings (and others); this site was a key
in the development of the concept of the Desert Archaic.
Danger is a National Historic Landmark. Caves with extant
deposits which offer a reservoir for future research, but
also offer problems to the BLM and State government in
terms of law enforcement and vandalism, are also on the
agenda. Juke Box Cave, so-called because of the concrete
floor poured over the prehistoric deposits and its use as
an unofficial Officer's Club and dance hall back in the day,
and Floating Island Cave are likely candidates depending on
road conditions. Weather in late October is unpredictable.
Usually pleasant days and cool to cold nights, but storms
are always possible. If weather is stormy or too wet (as in
the roads have turned to mush), this trip will be scrubbed. 

Salt Lake City Walking Tour
For those NOT interested in the desert environment of the
Salt Flats and eastern Great Basin, there are many
interesting spots to explore in Salt Lake City's built
environment, especially grand old 1890s structures, 
cathedrals, museums, galleries, the Temple, and all that.
Information will be available at the meeting from the SHPO on
walking tours, renovated (and not) historic buildings to visit
and much more. The list of possibilities includes a variety of
museums from the Utah Museum of Natural History (University of
Utah) to the Hansen Planetarium, famous for pioneering work in
light shows, etcetera. Of course, there is the LDS Temple and
the Geneological Library and many other resources related to
the Mormon Church. 

See web site for hotel and conference registration information.
Mail registration to Jan Townsend, 2417 Stirrup Lane, Alexandria,
VA 22308, or e-mail