Message #242

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 20:57:36
Subject: Archaeology in the American Southwest

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

Dear SASIG Readers and Fans of
Southwestern Archaeology (SWA) --

October 1-31, 1998 is fund raising month for Southwestern
Archaeology (SWA). We've happily used our time and money
since 1995 to make SWA a reality. Last year, we had a
number of donors who contributed to SWA and kept us going.

We now ask you to consider making a $36 individual donation
to SWA for 1998. You are welcomed, however, to make a
tax-deductible donation of any amount.

Consider the value you would place on SWA's services...

SWA was visited 9,400 times in 1995, 16,100 times in 1996,
and more than 41,600 times in 1997. SWA's front page has
received more than 48,700 visits in 1998!  That's VISIBILITY !!

Did you post a web page on SWA?
Have you found an employee to join your firm?
Have you found work through announcements on the SWA web site?
Were you connected with colleagues via the SWA e-mail list?
Have the >240 SASIG messages of 1998 supported your programs or activities?
Did 'Got CALICHE?' keep you informed about historic preservation issues?
Did you find regional information or resources that helped your efforts?
DID SWA contribute to your professional and personal needs?
Has SWA made archaeology more visible to the public?

If you think SWA contributed to archaeology and historic
preservation activities in the American Southwest, please
consider a donation. SWA is a 501(c)(3) nor-for-profit
organization, so you can take a tax deduction with your
cash donation.

If you prefer, visit SWA and click on
the link at the bottom of the page.  When you
go to Amazon via the SWA link and purchase a book, SWA
receives five percent of the purchase price from Amazon.
SWA's book review page is another way to use
to contribute to SWA.

Because of server security problems, SWA has been unable
to establish a search engine which would permit searching
the entire SWA database. Donations will help SWA pay
annual fees (e.g., domain name registration, e-mail service,
etc) and other modest expenses. If donation goals are
reached and we cover basic expenses, SWA can use
remaining donations to purchase upgraded server
capabilities to provide search engines, search bots, and
other features and enhancements. SWA may also purchase
additional programming, and, increase support to
individual scholars and preservation programs with web
space, equipment, services, and travel expenses.

Let us know which services you would hope to see in the
future, and tell us how we can assist your personal or
organizational efforts or better serve your information needs.

Make your check payable to "Southwestern Archaeology (SWA)."
Write '501c3 donation' in the information/note space.

Mail your check to:

Southwestern Archaeology
P.O. Box 61203
Phoenix AZ 85082-1203

If you need tax id information for a donation to SWA, let us know.

Thank you !!

Brian Kenny

Matthias Giessler