Message #229

Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 14:38:26
Subject: Van Valkenburg Biographical Information Needed

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Lynne Attardi

An AAHS reader is looking for biographical information
about Richard F. Van Valkenburg, an archaeologist on
the Navajo Nation Reserve from the '30s-'50s. He died
in 1957 in Window Rock, Arizona. If anyone has
information about him, biographical, an obit or
otherwise, or even a suggestion/direction for further
information, please write to:

Larry Benallie, Jr.
Assistant Director,
Navajo Nation Archaeology Department
P.O. Box 689, Window Rock AZ 86515
520-871-6511 (FAX)

SASIG Ed. Note -- See

Van Valkenburgh, Richard F.
1946  We Found the Hidden Shrine of Old Makai.
The Desert Magazine Vol. 9, No. 11 (September), pp. 20-22.
A dated magazine article on a Makai (medicine-man)
shrine at Gila Butte. (The shrine was originally
reported by Russell in a 1908 BAE report).  [The
collection made by Van Valkenburgh and his crew is in
storage at ASM; it has never been sorted through or
reported. Many of Van Valkenburgh's crew worked at
Compound F at Casa Grande before working at the Gila
Butte shrine.  John M. Andresen, personal communication
1989].  [Arthur Woodward excavated the Gila Butte Site
(below the shrine) for the Los Angeles Museum; like Van
Valkenburg, he wrote a magazine article about a woman
protecting the shrine at Gila Butte. There is a modern
shrine at the base of Gila Butte with a white cross on
it; several Pimas have said that it takes the place of
the earlier shrine.  Jerry Howard, personal
communication 1990].

Van Valkenburgh, R.F. and S. Begay
1938  Sacred Places and Shrines of the Navajo, 
Part I: The Sacred Mountains.  Museum Notes
11(3) (September). Museum of Northern Arizona.