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Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 18:56:01
Subject: Opening of V-V Petroglyph Site

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: John Sturgis 

The following 'press release' comes from the Coconino
National Forest and announces the opening of the
V Bar V Petroglyph site to the public as a Fee
Demonstration Project. 

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News Release, Coconino National Forest,
Sedona Ranger District
For Immediate Release - August 26, 1998

Prehistoric Petroglyph Site Opens to Public

Verde Valley,  Arizona -- Visualize yourself a child
of what archaeologists call the Sinagua Indians,
walking along the banks of Beaver Creek over 800 years
ago, surrounded by vegetation similar to what is seen
today. Your cousins share with you a secret
storytelling place tucked in alongside the red
sandstone walls. You begin to explore the many figures
and designs artfully carved into the wall, learning
tales and information about your family and ancestors.
Stories tied to these petroglyphs now belong to you and
your clan. Designs carved into the wall include shapes
resembling lightning, snakes, water birds, footprints,
bear paws and human figures, just to name a few. 

The Beaver Creek/ Sedona Ranger District is opening the
V Bar V Ranch Petroglyph Site to the public beginning
Monday, August 31. "This rock art site is virtually
untouched and has the largest and most impressive set
of petroglyph panels in the Verde Valley," says Peter
Pilles, Coconino National Forest Archaeologist. The
petroglyphs date from A.D. 1150 to 1400. The site
includes a trail along scenic Beaver Creek and an
opportunity for visitors to view the ancient
petroglyphs up close, entering an area previously
fenced off to public access.

The site will be open seven days per week from 9:30 a.m.
until 4:30 p.m. through the month of September, and
perhaps longer if public response is good. A $3.00 fee
per person will be collected on site, ages 16 and under
are free. Golden Age and Golden Access Cards will be
honored, giving a fifty percent discount to cardholders. 

The V Bar V Ranch Petroglyph Site is located
approximately 16 miles north of Camp Verde on Forest
Road 618, about 3 miles east of the Interstate 17 and
State Highway 179 junction on paved road, just beyond
the Beaver Creek Campground. 

This new opportunity is part of the Forest Service Fee
Demonstration Program, authorized by Congress to allow
for the collection of fees to cover the cost of
providing high quality recreation to the public. The
Beaver Creek / Sedona Ranger District will retain
eighty percent of the fees collected on site. These
dollars will be reinvested at the V Bar V Ranch
Petroglyph Site, and used to cover interpretive and
visitor services, enhancement of resource conditions,
sign improvements, repair and maintenance, and law
enforcement protection of the site. 

The Friends of the Forest volunteer group, the Verde
Valley Archeological Society and the Arizona Natural
History Association will assist the Forest Service in
this effort. For more information about the V Bar V
Ranch Petroglyph Site, call the Sedona Ranger Station
at (520) 282-4119 or the Verde Ranger Station at
(520) 567-4121.

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Note to News Directors and Editors: Photos of the site
are available. Contact Connie Birkland at the Sedona
Ranger District, (520) 284-4119.

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