Message #256

Date: Mon Oct 26 21:30:50 1998
Subject: Navajo Sandpainting

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Robert Lavoie

I am an education student. I would like to design an
elementary school art unit on Navajo sandpainting. I hope
to use this unit to introduce students to Navajo culture.
I would appreciate any resources or information on this
subject. I hope to teach the traditions and symbols
associated with this art form. I am also looking for some
pictures that I can use to introduce sandpainting to my

Rob Lavoie
1676 Meredith Road
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Canada   V9S 2M4

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:15:08 EST
Subject: Re:  Navajo Sandpainting

Dear Rob, You could contact Sharon Begay, who is the Navajo
Culture Teacher at Ganado Primary School in Ganado, Arizona.
Her address is PO Box 1183, Ganado, AZ 86505. You could also
write to the school's principal, Sigmund Boloz, Ganado Primary
School, Ganado, AZ  86505. We would be interested in seeing
what you come up with.  

Thanks, Suzanne Jamison
HC 68, Box 79-s
Gila Hot Springs
Silver City, NM  88061