Message #253

Date: Tue 20 Oct 1998
Subject: McDowell Mountains Archaeological District Symposium

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: K.J. Schroeder (602) 921-4055 

Call For Papers

Roadrunner Archaeology & Consulting and the City of
Scottsdale would like to invite you to present an academic
paper at a symposium on the archaeology of the McDowell
Mountains and surrounding area. The format for papers is
fairly open, but papers will be grouped into four general
temporal periods - Archaic (Preceramic), Preclassic,
Classic/Proto Historic, and Historic. The McDowell
Mountain Archaeological (District) Symposium is being
planned to present and share, between the academic and
public communities, the archaeological data of the
McDowell Mountain District compiled in recent years. With
the rapid growth of the McDowell Mountain area, numerous
surveys and several archaeological excavations have been
completed that have significant bearing on the overall
regional view of prehistory and history. This symposium
will allow the various archaeological firms that have
conducted investigations in the district to share their
data not only with the academic community, also with the
public at large. By so doing, we will all have a better
understanding of our predecessors and the environment in
which they lived. In turn, this understanding will provide
the current community the opportunity to preserve and
incorporate the rich legacy of the McDowell Mountains.
The area being considered as the McDowell Mountains
archaeological District includes the entire range of the
McDowell Mountains to the Rio Verde on the east, south to
the confluence of the Rio Verde with the Rio Salado at
Red Mountain, all of the bajada area north of the Rio
Salado and south of the McDowell Mountains, the
geographical area known as Paradise Valley on the west,
and north to Granite Mountain. Essentially, this is the
area of precipitation runoff from the McDowell Mountains.
Papers will be limited to 15-20 minutes each, but more
than one paper on a single site may be presented,
provided each paper covers a different aspect of the data.
Individuals my author or co-author several papers, however,
no individual may present more than two papers at the
symposium. Topics might include: regional perspectives;
a general overview of site types in the District (or a
portion of it) during all or any of the four temporal
peiods given above; specific site overviews; and the
character and influence/ significance of a specific
artifact type (i.e., ceramics, shell, projectile points,
et cetera). Contributing authors will need to provide an
abstract of their paper by January 15, 1998. Papers
presented at the Symposium will be considered for
publication. Contact K.J. Schroeder at (602) 921-4055 by
November 15, 1998, if you would like to participate. The
Symposium will be held at the Scottsdale Civic Center
Library Auditorium on Saturday, March 20, 1999. For
those who preregister, an 'indigenous' lunch will be
provided. To preregister, contact Rosemary Van Kalsbeek
at the Scottsdale Tourism Development Office,
(602) 994-7989. Registration is free. Leading up to the
Symposium, the City of Scottsdale will also sponsor events
for children and the general public to increase awareness
and support of both archaeological and human resources
extant within the McDowell Mountain Archaeological District.
Plans are still being made, but might include presentations
at Scottsdale Libraries, the Desert Discovery Center, Salt
River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, and Fort McDowell
Indian Community. Individuals who wish to get involved with
this aspect of the Symposium should contact Judy Register,
Scottsdale Library Director, at (602) 994-2454.