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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:48:13
Subject: Pajarito Plateau Tribes

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Doug Brightwell

I'm doing personal research, and wondered if anyone on the
SWA list could point me in the right direction. I want to
read about the native Americans who inhabited the Pajarito
Plateau, specifically the area that is now the site of Los
Alamos, around the turn of the century, approximately
1890-1910. I'm interested in what tribe(s) inhabited the
area, and their religious practices. I understand that the
the Los Alamos Boys School, which was later taken over by
the military to build the Los Alamos labs, was build on top
of the site of a kiva. I'm interested in verifying that,
and curious whether the kiva belonged to the tribe inhabiting
the area immediately prior to the Los Alamos Boys School, and
if so, how did they make use of it? Would you know of any
books, web articles, other sources of information about this
topic... or, other individuals I could contact? Any leads
would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a SWA list member, so
any replies should go to Again, thanks in
advance for your assistance.

Doug Brightwell

From: Allen Dart

The following literature source provides a 13-page "working
bibliography for the Pueblos of Cochiti, Santa Domingo, San
Felipe, Santa Ana, Zia, Laguna, and Jemez (History and

Stuart, David E.
1978 A Proposed Project Design for the Timber Management
Program Archeological Surveys. MS submitted to Bureau of
Indian Affairs, Albuquerque Area Office, in fulfillment
of purchase order TA8MOO-0101554. David E. Stuart, Ph.D.,
Consulting Anthropologist, Albuquerque.

You should find it useful for your consideration of Pajarito
Plateau historical tribes. 

Allen Dart