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Date: Sun 29 Nov 1998
Subject: Symmetries of Patterned Textiles, Workshop May 7-9, 1999

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From: Dorothy K. Washburn

Workshop:  Symmetries of Patterned Textiles
Date:  May 7-9, 1999

Friedrick Conference Center
1950 Willow Drive
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisc.  53706

This 2-day workshop is designed to introduce academic
researchers as well as practicing artisans to the
geometric symmetries which generate the structure of finite,
one-dimensional, and two-dimensional patterns. Such patterns
ubiquitously appear on plane surfaces such as textiles,
tiling, or ceramics all over the world. Analysis of the
symmetries which give pattern structure affords a way to
systematically describe and compare pattern as well as
enables new perspectives on the ways this structural property
interfaces with other sociocultural systems of material and
conceptual culture. The instructors are preeminent authorities
in the field of pattern analysis. Professor Donald Crowe,
Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison,
and coauthor with Dorothy Washburn of Symmetries of Culture,
will present an introductory overview of the plane symmetries.
Professor Doris Schattschneider, Professor of Mathematics,
Moravian College, author of M.C. Escher: Visions of Symmetry,
will present the colorings of the plane. Professor Branko
Grunbaum, Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington,
Seattle, and co-author of  Tilings and Patterns with G. C.
Shephard will present his expanded version of the symmetries
of the plane, especially those of the fabric plane, which
account for many complex textile patterns. Kevin Lee,
Professor of Computer Science at Century College, will
instruct participants with a hands-on demonstration of his
Tesselmania software which generates many of these patterns.
Verda Elliott, renowned weaver and teacher, will describe the
process of designing symmetrical patterns on the loom.

Program Schedule:

May 7, 1999 Friday

Arrival throughout day; 3pm check-in at Friedrick Center 
Evening Reception at Friedrick Center: Meet participants;
exchange bibliographies, publications. Demonstration
presentation of Tesselmania software by Kevin Lee.

May 8, 1999  Saturday

Crowe: Introduction to the plane symmetries
Schattschneider: The color symmetries
Lunch: Box lunches at Friedrick Center
Afternoon: Grunbaum: Expanded plane symmetry classes
Evening: Dinner buffet at Friedrick Center

May 9, 1999  Sunday
Morning: Grunbaum: Geometries of Fabrics
Elliott: Weaving symmetries on the loom
Lunch: Box lunches at Friedrick Center
Afternoon:  Lee: Hands-on pattern making with Tesselmania software
Departure:  late afternoon or next morning


There is a registration fee of $75.00 which covers the
costs of the handout materials, two box lunches and the
Saturday dinner buffet. Housing for a limited number of
participants is available at the Conference Center at the
rate of $52 for a single and $62 for a double room,
breakfast included. To reserve a room, please call the
Center directly, mentioning that you are attending the
Symmetry Workshop. (Front desk: (608)-231-1341;
Reservations: (608)-262-0881). Reservations must be made at
least 3 weeks prior to the Workshop date. At the time you
make your reservations, notify them if you need parking
space. A list of other motels and hotels in the Madison
area is available on request. The Madison area is served
by the Van Galder Bus lines which operates frequent service
from O'Hare airport to the Student Union on the University
campus. It is a 3 & 1/2 hour trip, costing $18 each way.
Phone number for schedules:  800-747-0994. Several airlines
(Midwest, Northwest, Delta, American, United) have service
to the Madison airport. The cab fare from the airport to the
Friedrick Center is approximately $12.

Conference Organizers:
Dorothy K. Washburn, The Maryland Institute, College of Art,
Liberal Arts Division, Baltimore, Maryland  21217.
Home phone: 609-737-7451. E-mail:

Donald W. Crowe, Department of Mathematics, University of
Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin  53706. Home phone: 608-233-3604.
E-mail: (not operative 11/25-3/5).


This workshop has been made possible by the generous support
of the Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin,
and the National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate
Education, Interdisciplinary Course and Curriculum Development.


Registration Form:

Complete the attached registration form and send with your
$75 registration fee to Dorothy Washburn, 120 Pleasant Valley
Road, Titusville, NJ  08560. In order to insure that
adequate teaching materials are prepared, individuals should
register by April 1, 1999. Checks should be made out to
Dorothy Washburn (a separate checking account will be set up
at the Trenton Saving Bank for receipt and disbursement of
these funds). Upon receipt of your $50 fee and this form,
confirmation of your place in the Workshop will be sent with
a map of the University campus, showing location of the
Friedrick Center. All sessions of the workshop will take
place at the Center except for the Sunday software workshop
which will be in a computer classroom in Van Vleck Hall.


Home Address:

Home Telephone:

Home E-mail:

Institution Address:

Institution Telephone:

Institution E-mail:

A list of participants will be distributed at the Workshop.

Symmetry Workshop:  Registration Confirmation

Complete Registration form received:______

$75.00 Registration fee received:______


We look forward to your participation in the Symmetry Workshop.
This is an intensive, instructional workshop, so be prepared
to take notes! We hope that you will bring your work with
pattern symmetries, whether it be scholarly research,
experiments with symmetrical patterns on woven fabrics, or
computer based graphics. Friday evening will be devoted to an
informal exchange of reprints, ideas, publication brochures,
web site addresses, work-in-progress--whatever you would
like to share.