Message #264

Date: Fri Nov 13, 1998 06:00:00
Subject: FLETC Archeological Resources Protection Training Program,
December 7-12

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ]:

From: Garry Cantley, BIA


LET 22-9 (OT:ESD)
October 21, 1998

MEMORANDUM TO: ARPTP Participating Organizations
FROM: Woody Jones, ARPTP Program Specialist
Enforcement Specialties Division

SUBJECT: Archeological Resources Protection Training Program
XP-ARPTP-902, December 7-11, 1998.  Phoenix, AZ

The FLETC will be presenting the Archeological Resources
Protection Training Program (XP-ARPTP-902) on December 7-11,
1998 at Phoenix, Arizona, hosted by the Bureau of Indian
Affairs. A minimum of 24 students are required for this
program to be presented and all students must be preregistered
with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center no later
than November 23, 1998.

December 7-11, 1998, Monday 8 a.m. to Friday 11:30 a.m.

CLASSROOM: BIA Phoenix Area Office
12tb Floor, Conference Room A
Arizona Center 2, 400 North Fifth Street
Phoenix, Arizona

Local Contact: Garry Cantley 602-379-6750
BIA Area Archeologist, Phoenix, AZ

Crown Plaza 602-333-0000
Holiday Inn 602-452-2020
Hotel San Carlos 602-253-4121
Ramada Hotel 602-258-3411
Numerous other hotels/motels throughout Phoenix area.

AIRPORT: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

OTHER INFORMATION: This program will begin on Monday,
December 7th at 8:00 a.m. and will conclude on Friday,
December 11th at 11:30 a.m. Students should bring clothing
and footwear appropriate for a field trip (short hike)
and for the outdoor practical exercise.

All Federal personnel must register for this program
following their respective agency's law enforcement
training nomination procedures. Native American Students
must preregister with the Indian Police Academy, Artesia,
New Mexico, telephone 505-749-8154. The final roster for
each agency must be forwarded to the Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center, Enforcement Specialties Division 309 Kiefer
Circle, Glynco 31524, ATTN: Woody Jones; rosters can be
taxed to ESD at 912-267-3464. AU state and local law
enforcement officers, archaeologists, and other government
officers must preregister with the FLETC, National Center for
State and Local Training, Bldg. 67, Glynco, GA 31524;
telephone 1-800-743-5382 or 912-267-3240 for registration
information and forms. All student registration rosters must
be received by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center no
later than November 23, 1998. Any questions concerning this
presentation in Phoenix, please call Garry Cantley 602-379-6750
or Woody Jones at 912-267-3042.

Attachments: Phoenix Area Maps

Sent to:

BIA Agency Representative, Artesia, NM
BIA Phoenix Area Office, Phoenix, AZ
BIA Criminal Investigator, Albuquerque, NM
BLM Agency Representative, Boise, ID
NPS Agency Representative,.  Glynco
USFWS Agency Representative, Glynco
USFS Agency Representative, Glynco
USPP Agency Representative, Glynco
NCSL, Glynco