Message #261

Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 05:10:12
Subject: Arizona Historical Markers Project !

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Brian Kenny

Now for even better news! Combine the friction of the real
world with a little virtual reality and you get our next
big project

The Arizona Historical Markers Project !

Southwestern Archaeology (SWA) will team with the Arizona
Archaeological Society (AAS) to record Arizona's historical
markers and present their locations and historical texts
via the World-Wide Web.

SWA has gathered from several government agencies paper
files containing historical marker data from across
Arizona. Some of these data are current, and some are out
of data due to the fact that historial markers have been
destroyed, relocated, or revised.

In the first phase of the project, the AAS will organize
volunteers to word process the known archival data. SWA
will construct a web site for Arizona historical markers.
The web site will contain the archival data including
historical texts derived from highway markers, locational
maps, and photos.

A Beta site will go up as soon as the electronic data are
available and formatted. In addition to formatting web page
data for the Internet and donating the server space to make
the data available to the public, SWA will expend cash up
to $500.00 to pay for the incidental costs associated with
the organization and administration of the volunteer effort.

During phase two of the project, the AAS will direct a
state-wide effort to field check existing data and gather
new data. During this grand road trip, AAS volunteers will
depart from hometowns around Arizona to field check markers
along our highways and in our urban areas. New data will be
gathered as we discover recent additions and changes to our
historical markers.

Volunteers from other organizations, and the public-at-large,
are welcomed to participate in the volunteer effort.

Within the next two weeks, the AAS and SWA will set the
project and time limits for the two phases. The volunteer
project has a finite life, and we expect to complete it
quickly so that everyone can enjoy the resource. Once the
web site is built, we expect it will grow over time as
public historians and archaeologists interact with SWA.

Please pass along this information to local government
leaders, civic groups, and interested regional historians.

The Coordinator for the AAS-SWA Arizona Historical Markers
Project, Ms. Vicki Erhart, can be reached at 2783 W.Ironwood
Dr., Chandler AZ 85224; H (602) 821-9523, H Fax (602)963-1747;