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Date: Mon, 18 May 1988
Subject:	Lewis Hall Passes
		Dawson Allen "Doc" Campbell Passes

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From: Anita Cohen-Williams

Lewis Hall -- Lewis will be sorely missed by those
of us who knew him and his goal to rebuild the
Tucson presidio (or at least parts of it). Lewis
helped found the descendants' of the presidio
group and put together commemorations to celebrate
Tucson's birthday.

From: Suzanne Jamison

Dawson Allen "Doc" Campbell -- Silver City Daily Press,
Tuesday, May 12, 1998 Silver City, NM

CAMPBELL: Dawson Allen "Doc" Campbell, 85, of Gila
Hot Springs passed away Monday, May 11, at home
surrounded by his family and under the care of Gila
Regional Hospice. He is survived by his wife of 57
years, Ida Foster Campbell; his daughter, Ysabel,
and husband, Paul Luecke; son, Allen, and wife,
Carla; son, Angus, and wife, Kathleen; daughter,
Rebecca, and husband, David Snow; three
grandchildren, Kristina Lopez, and Nathan and Kyle
Campbell; a sister-in-law, Alice Hill, and husband,
Jack, of Silver City; a brother, Rayburn Campbell
of New Wilmington, Pa.; and an extensive family in
the New Wilmington area. The Campbell family is
planning a memorial service at the Gila Hot Springs
in the near future. He was born Dec. 5, 1912, in
Mercer County, Pa., on a family farm to Thomas
Bruce and Ethel Davis Campbell. He was nicknamed
"Doc" at an early age by his step-grandfather. Mr.
Campbell's father was a foundryman, working in
various steel companies in Pennsylvania, Illinois
and New York state, so the family moved often and
the children attended quite a few schools. Summers
were spent at his grandparents' farm near New
Wilmington, in western Pennsylvania. Because of
chronic sinus trouble, he came to the Southwest in
1929, when he was 16 years old. He landed in El Paso,
Texas, heard of Silver City and came to this area.
He lived in Pinos Altos for a short time, working
for Frank Eaton, mainly chauffeuring him. Eaton had
never learned to drive. While in Pinos Altos, Mr.
Campbell met Jack Jeffers, who was visiting Eaton.
He was intrigued by Jeffers' description of the
Upper Gila country, and, after Thanksgiving, went
out with Jeffers to Alum Camp. This was on the main
Gila and three miles below Gila Hot Springs. Mr.
Campbell camped out during the winter until he went
to work for Margaret Scholl at the Gila Hot Springs.
She was part owner of the hot springs, in
partnership with Leslie Fleming and his wife, Bobbie.
Mr. Campbell's job was to pack in on mules everything
and anything needed, from the Goforth Place where the
road ended, a site now the Gila River Ranch. He
learned, rapidly, the art of packing. Mr. Campbell
next worked for Hugh Hodge at the XSX to help put up
a load of hay, and worked there from 1931-35, first
as ranch hand and later as foreman. During the
summers of 1936 and 1937, he was employed by the
Forest Service at the White Creek Ranger Station and
Little Creek Fire Cabin as a firefighter. After Hugh
Hodge's death in the fall of 1937, Mr. Campbell went
back to the XSX, as general manager for Mrs. Hodge,
until he bought the Gila Hot Springs from the
Flemings in February 1940. In November 1940, Mr.
Campbell married Ida Foster in Hollywood, Calif.,
where the family was living at the time. The
Campbells made their home at Gila Hot Springs. He
was appointed custodian of the Gila Cliff Dwellings
National Monument by the southwest regional director
of the National Park Service at $12 a year. From
1942 to 1962, he worked as custodian, park ranger,
and acting superintendent at the cliff dwellings
until he retired. From 1940 on, his main business
was packing, guiding and outfitting. His four
children helped him, as each became old enough, and
each ran the outfit in turn. The youngest, "Becky"
Snow, now owns and runs the business. In 1964, Doc
Campbell's Post and trailer park were opened for
business at the same time that the new recreation
road, approved by Congress, was built as far as
Little Creek, one mile beyond the store. The road
was completed to the cliff dwellings and the
Visitor Center by 1966. Mr. Campbell was one of
the charter members of the Southwestern Resource
Conservation and Development Council, now called
the Black Range RC&D Council. He was a trustee of
the New Mexico Coordinating Council at Las Cruces,
and one of the founders of the New Mexico Guides
and Outfitters Association. Entrusted to the care
of Baca's Funeral Chapels, U.S. 180 East at Delk
Drive. Phone 388-2334.