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Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 22:37:44
Subject: Go-John Stage Station--Cave Creek AZ

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From:  Ralph G. Smith 

Does anyone have information as to the history of the
Go-John stage station, the ruins of which are located
[ near ] the Town of Cave Creek? The stage road is said
to have proceeded north, eventually to Fort Whipple.

Reply:  Mr. Smith --
With regard the history of Cave Creek, try "Cave Creek
and Carefree, Arizona : A History of the Desert Foothills"
by Frances C. Carlson, Published 1988.  I do not know if
it is the Go-John Station, but, the files of the
archaeologist at the Arizona State Land Department contain
information on a stage stop in the area.  This stage stop
was owned by Houck, who once ran a mail route from Ft.
Wingate New Mexico to Holbrook (and Prescott ?) Arizona
(see Book of Arizona Placenames by Wil C. Barnes or the later
version by Byrd Howell Granger).  At the end of his life,
reportedly, Houck fed his chickens, took off his boots, took
rat poison and committed suicide.  He was buried in Phoenix
and his stage stop and properties fell into ruins.

The files at State Land are open to qualified researchers on
a need-to-know basis.

You may be able to obtain better information from local
members of the Desert Foothills Chapter of the Arizona
Archaeological Society.