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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998
Subject: NM Archaeology Fair May 9th In Las Cruces

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From: David A. Phillips Jr.
From: Glenna Dean

NM Historic Preservation Week Calendar of Events

The New Mexico Historic Preservation Division,
Office of Cultural Affairs, is sponsoring the
5th Annual New Mexico Archaeology Fair on May 9
as part of New Mexico Heritage Preservation Week,
May 9-19, 1998. The theme of this year's one-day
fair is "Shopping through Time" and the Fair will
be held at the Mesilla Valley Mall in Las Cruces
from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The Fair will be staged
as separate booths, including a Hardware Department
(stone and metal tools and weapons), a Housewares
Department (pottery and metal pots 'n' pans,
basketry, stone and metal knives), a Dry Goods
Store (spinning and weaving technologies, clothing),
a Gourmet Food Department (dried twigs and berries,
metal cans, and modern versions of ancient foods
such as corn and pricklypear cactus), a Preservation
Store (with information on preservation-related
topics), and a Kids Corner (where parents can park
the young ones while they "shop"). Professional
archaeologists and other demonstrators are needed at
the fair to show how people in the past, both recent
and ancient pasts, used different technologies
through time to solve humankind's continuing problems
of obtaining new clothes, food, tools, cooking
utensils, and and storage containers. Private
archaeological businesses will join various agencies
from federal, state, and local government to display
the results of current projects and provide hands-on
exhibits as well. There will be ample opportunities
to talk with the public about artifacts, prehistory,
and history in New Mexico in general and the Las
Cruces region in particular. Don't miss this chance
to explore what it was like to live in New Mexico 100
or 1,000 or 10,000 years ago! Contact Deb Dennis,
Human Systems Research, at (505) 524-9456 for more
information and to make arrangements for your exhibit.

Glenna Dean
State Archaeologist
Historic Preservation Division
New Mexico State Office of Cultural Affairs
228 E. Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501
(505) 827-3989 voice
(505) 827-6338 fax