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Date:	Wed, 18 Mar 1998
Subject: The Petroglyph Express

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From:	David A Phillips Jr.

Legislative Alert: Paseo del Norte

Part 1 is reproduced from the March 18 Albuquerque Journal.
Part 2 is an appeal for letters and e-mail.

Paseo Road Plan added to Iraq Bill
A proposal to allow a road extension throuh Petroglyph
National Monument in Albuquerque was attached to separate
legislation Tuesday seeking emergency appropriations for
military action in Iraq. A U.S. Senate committee added
the Petroglyph Boundary Adjustment Act to the Iraq
emergency bill to better its chances of getting through
the Senate this month, the office of Sen. Pete Domenici,
R-N.M., reported Tuesday. “The Senator very much wants
this bill to make it through Congress this year, and he
has been looking to a vehicle to attach it to,” said Chris
Gallegos, spokesoman for Domenici. “This was the first
train leaving the station.” The Senate Appropriations
Committee approved the legislation, sending it to the full
Senate. The petroglyph proposal would amend the 1990 law
establishing the national monument on Albuquerque’s West
Mesa. It would allow the city to extend Paseo del Norte, a
six-lane highway considered a key thoroughfare on the
city’s burgeoning West Side. The monument is home to more
than 15,000 petroglyphs, or ancient Indian rock etchings.
Many conservationists and Indian tribes say the designs
are sacred. They oppose extending the road.(Associated

An appeal for help
After months of riding a moral high horse over Senate
Bill 633, Pete Domenici has adopted the usual venality of
Washington politics. The reason is simple: thanks to the
efforts of conservation and historic preservation groups,
President Clinton has threatened to veto Domenici’s bill.
Domenici’s latest maneuver is an attempt to get around not
just the president, but all the groups who have attempted
to expose the lack of merit behind the Paseo del Norte
extension—a City of Albuquerque project that the city’s own
mayor has disowned. I urge everyone in New Mexico to contact
our senators and let them know what you think of this latest
development.  You can e-mail them at:

For those inside or outside New Mexico, you can learn how
to contact your senators by pointing at

Thank you for your help, which is especially needed at this

David Phillips
NMAC legislative committee