Message #107
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998
Subject: Aviation Archaeological Investigation
[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Craig Fuller

I will be in AZ the second week of June. For Saturday,
June 6th, I am setting up a search for a crash site
with all of the people I have met who are interested
in locating crash sites. I estimate 10 - 20 people.
This will be a chance to hopefully bring some unity
to all the people who are locating crash sites and
possibly some standards. Most are in Phoenix, a few
in Tucson, Kingman, Havasu, Prescott and possibly
even from NM and NV. I felt a site near Phoenix would
be good since it is centralized, but the heat is a
problem. I want a site that no one in the group has
been to before. I have two T-33s near Payson, but
some people are only interested in WWII aircraft.
There are three AT-17s that crashed at the same time
in the Chiricahuas Mtns (also the same day as the one
on Mt. Graham that was not found until the 1970s). I
have been to one, looked for a second without luck
and yet to look for the third. This is a possibility,
but would require camping out the night before or a
very early morning drive. Another is the B-18 on the
San Francisco Peaks, but I understand it is in a
restricted area due to an endangered wild flower. I
will figure the exact crash site later, but the date
is for sure. Regarding survey permits, I'll probably
ask you on who to contact.

Craig Fuller, AAIR  
Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research

SASIG Ed. Reply -- One must work permit requirements
in advance with some land management agencies.  I
recommend the earlier the better to contact them to
see if a permit is required. That means search
location must be chosen early. General aviation crash
sites like that of the Whiting Brothers, or others,
are located in National Forests. Ranger District
staff members usually know about these things
because they often retain members who stay on a
district for many years. These individuals tend to
have intimate knowledge of the area and have seen
the crash sites.