Message #101
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998
Subject: NM Legislative Alert -- Paseo Del Norte

[ AzTeC/ SWA SASIG ] :

From:	David A. Phillips Jr.

According to statements by Pete Domenici in this
morningís Albuquerque Journal, he now has the votes
to get Senate Bill 633 out of committee and onto the
floor for a full Senate vote. Senate Bill 633 will
delete the Paseo del Norte corridor from Petroglyph
National Monument, clearing the way for the City of
Albuquerque to build the Paseo west extension without
the usual environmental safeguards. In public, Jeff
Bingaman has still avoided making a commitment. Behind
the scenes, however, he is trying to cut a deal where
he will support removal of the Paseo corridor from the
National Monument in exchange for federalization of
the remainder of the monument. While I have some
sympathy for Senator Bingamanís approach, I think it
is the wrong approach. With a Republican-controlled
Congress, Domenici can get his bill through the Senate
and Schiff, Skeen, and Redmond can get their
counterpart bill through the house. The only way the
bill will die is if President Clinton vetoes itóin
which case the sponsors donít have enough votes to
override. If Bingaman supports the bill, however, I
doubt that Clinton will want to further antagonize
Congress by vetoing a bill supported by the only
Democrat in New Mexicoís Congressional delegation.
Our greatest hope for stopping the bill is to get
Bingaman to back away from voting for it. NMAC has
gone on record as being against S. 633; I urge all
NMAC members (and others) to let Bingaman know how you
feel, BEFORE Wednesday, March 11. His e-mail address is:
Please e-mail Senator Bingaman today if possible.
As for Senator Domenici, all indications are that his
mind is closed on the matter. Still, it wonít hurt for
him to hear that his bill isnít as wonderful as he
thinks.  His address is:
When you e-mail Congresspeople, remember to include
your U.S. Postal return address at the end of your
message. For anyone who lives outside New Mexico:
please also e-mail Senator Bingaman, and also your
stateís Senatorsóespecially if they are on the Energy
and Natural Resources Committee.

Thank you.  Please do this today.

David Phillips
for the New Mexico Archeological Council

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