Message #208

Date:	Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:00:00
Subject: 98 Mogollon Archaeology Conference Materials

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Cynthia Bettison

Registration Materials for the 1998 Mogollon
Archaeology Conference are being sent out to over 600
people on our mailing list via snail mail, but others
can certainly sign up via the information posted here.
Materials must be accompanied by a check or money
order made out to WNMU Museum with a notation in the
memo section on checks that says 1998 MAC. If folks
have already sent abstracts for papers to be
presented, they still need to pre-register (its
better than registering at the conference for $5.00
more). The only basic things different from the 1996
conference we hosted are the costs (food and lodging
went up) and we do not have a publisher for the
conference papers. Registration and abstract deadline
is September 1. Everyone who wishes to present a paper
should send in their abstracts as soon as possible.
Out of 45 possible paper slots, I have already
received 18 abstracts. Please send your registration
materials and checks to:

ATTN: 1998 MAC 
c/o Cynthia Ann Bettison,
Director & Archaeologist
Western New Mexico University Museum
P.O. Box 680 Silver City, N.M. 88062
Phone:505/538-6386 FAX: 505/538-6178

98 MAC Registration Materials (18K PDF file)
Dr. J. Jefferson Reid has accepted the invitation to be the Friday night banquet speaker at the 1998 Mogollon Archaeology Conference. While Jeff doesn't have a title for his talk as yet, the topic and its delivery will be interesting and lively!