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Date: 	Fri, 26 Jun 1998 15:02:39 
Subject:Great Basin Anthropological Conference,
	  Oct 8-10, 1998

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From: Kevin Jones

Attached are the preliminary program and
registration information for the Great Basin
Anthropological Conference, October 8-10, 1998 in
Bend, Oregon.

From: Gbac98  gbac98@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU

Attached to this e-mail you will find a preliminary
schedule for the 26th Great Basin Anthropological
Conference and a registration form. This information
was also sent via US Mail. For information on
lodging please visit
- a brochure from the Bend Chamber Visitor and
Convention Bureau was also sent in the registration
packet. Thank you.

Leah Largaespada
Assistant to
Dennis L. Jenkins, 1998  GBAC Chair
UO Museum of Natural History
1224 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403-1224
(541) 346-3026, FAX (541) 346-5122

Preliminary Program (21K PDF file)
TWENTY-SIXTH GREAT BASIN ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONFERENCE The Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center 3075 N. Highway 97 and Shilo Inn 3105 O.B. Riley Rd., Bend, Oregon October 8-10, 1998 PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7 4:30 - 7:30 P.M. Welcome and Registration at Riverhouse. Directions to registration area available in Riverhouse Hotel and Shilo Inn lobbies. THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 8 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Welcoming Ceremony. 8:00 - 8:15 Welcome by Tribal Leaders, brief announcements. SYMPOSIUM 1. Numu Origins I: Rethinking Numu Antiquity in the Intermountain West. Organizer/Chairs: James A. Goss (Texas Tech University) and Melvin G. Brewster (University of Oregon) 8:20 - 11:20 James A. Goss; Melvin G. Brewster; Wilfred M. Husted; Rene L. Vellanoweth; C. Melvin Aikens, Marcy Miranda Janes, and Tim Thornes; Richard W. Stoffle and Nieves Zedeno; Deward E. Walker; C. Melvin Aikens (discussant); Deward E. Walker (discussant). SYMPOSIUM 2. New Perspective on Martis: Views from the East and the West. Organizer/Chair: Kathryn Ataman (Summit Envirosolutions, Inc.) 8:20 - 12:00 John Nadolski; Hannah S. Ballard; Suzanne Baker; Daron Duke; William W. Bloomer and Donna A. Day; Anastasia T. Leigh, Kelly C. Long, and Jeffrey J. Northrup; Charles Hodges; Kathryn Ataman; Robert G. Elston (discussant); Robert J. Jackson (discussant). SYMPOSIUM 3. Ethno Archaeology: The Power of Two Perspectives. Organizer/Chair: Laurie Walsh (University of Nevada, Reno) and Sue Ann Monteleone (Nevada State Museum) 8:20 - 11:00 C.C. Hoffman; Alanah Woody and Angus R. Quinlan; Vickie L. Clay; Laurie A. Walsh; D. Craig Young; Sue Ann Monteleone; Catherine S. Fowler (discussant). GENERAL SESSION 1. Contact Period Issues. 8:20 - 10:00 Ann DuBarton, David Valentine, and Susan Edwards; Richard Arnold and Colleen M. Beck; Arlene Benson; Elmer R. Rusco; Leah Largaespada and Tony Largaespada. GENERAL SESSION 2. Cultural Resource Policy and Perspectives: I. 10:20 - 12:00 Pat Barker; Michael S. Burney; Thomas Bailor; Darla Garey-Sage; Harold Abel, Keshon Barton, Katherine Blossom, Molly Dufort, and Pauline Esteves. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 8 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM SYMPOSIUM 4. Public Archaeology: Outreach, Education, and Partnerships. Organizers/Chairs: John K. Zancanella (BLM, Prineville) and Leslie Hickerson (Deschutes National Forest) 1:20 - 4:20 Arlene Benson; Arlie Holm and Joanne Radeker; Terry A. Del Bene and Russ Tanner; Cathy Poetschat; Rich Barber and Lynn Dunbar; Rich Barber and Paul Claeyssens; Molly Jurgenson; Ronald J. Rood and Margene Hackney. SYMPOSIUM 5. Recent Research in Fremont Ecology. Organizers/Chairs: Joan Brenner Coltrain (University of Utah) and F. Richard Hauck (Archaeological Research Institute) 1:20 - 4:20 Joan Brenner Coltrain; F. Richard Hauck and Glade V. Hadden; Glade V. Hadden; Patrick K. Harvey; Andrew Ugan, Pat Harvey, and Jack Massimino; M. D. Heck and S. Novak; Joan Brenner Coltrain; F. Richard Hauck, Joan Brenner Coltrain, and Glade V. Hadden. SYMPOSIUM 6. Resource Protection: The Coming Together of Tribes and Agencies. Organizer/Chair: Linda Reed-Jerofke (Burns Paiute Tribe) 1:00 - 4:20 Linda Reed-Jerofke and Scott Thomas; William J. Cannon; Lea Ann Easton; Minerva Soucie; Scott E. Stuemke; Carla D. Burnside; Don Hann; Thomas L. Jackson; Gordon Bettles. GENERAL SESSION 3. Rock Art. 1:00 - 2:20 Max G. Pavesic; George Poetschat and James D. Keyser; Mark M. Campbell; James W. Henderson. GENERAL SESSION 4. Southern Great Basin Archaeology. 2:40 - 4:20 Lonnie C. Pippin; Mark E. Basgall; Robert L. Bettinger; David D. Earle; Mark Q. Sutton and Robert H. Negrini. THURSDAY EVENING 5:00 - 6:30 No Host Bar, featuring an excellent selection of fine local microbrews, traditional house beers (Coors, Bud, etc.), and some of Oregon's finest wines, served on the outdoor decks of the Riverhouse Hotel over looking the beautiful Deschutes River. 6:30 - 8:30 Reception at the High Desert Museum, one of Central Oregon's finest new museums, hors d'oeuvres and transportation to and from the reception provided (Cash Bar available). FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 9 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. CONFERENCE INFORMATION SESSION. 8:00 - 8:15 Charles M. Hodges (Edaphos Research) - Program Additions, Cancellations, and Other Changes. General Conference related Announcements. SYMPOSIUM 7. Numu Origins II: Numu Consultancy Roundtable. Organizers/Chairs: Melvin G. Brewster (University of Oregon) and James A. Goss (Texas Tech University) 8:20 - 10:40 Melvin G. Brewster; James A. Goss; Open forum led by Numu Consultants. GENERAL SESSION 5. Archaeology of the Northern Great Basin and Borderlands. 8:20 - 11:00 Patrick O'Grady; Richard M. Pettigrew; Richard N. Holmer and Sharon R. Plager; Terry Holtzapple; Gerald R. Gates; Karen Lupo; Amy Dansie. SYMPOSIUM 8. Pintwater Cave, Nevada: Native American Significance, Environmental Change, and Archaeological Record. Organizer/Chair: Paul Buck (Desert Research Institute) 8:20 - 11:20 Paul Buck; Richard W. Arnold; Fred Nials; Peter E. Wigand; Bryan Hockett; Paul Buck, Greg Haynes, and W. Hartwell; Ann DuBarton and Paul Buck. GENERAL SESSION 6. Early Holocene Archaeology. 8:20 - 11:00 Brian L. O'Neill; Bonnie L. Pitblado; Eugene M. Hattori, Donald R. Tuohy, and Lynda M. Blair; Michael Walsh and William Clewlow; Loren G. Davis; Terry Ozbun, John Fagan, and Dan Stueber; Daniel Meatte. GENERAL SESSION 7. Sunshine Locality, Sundance Foundation, and Camels Back Cave. 8:20 - 11:40 Michael D. Cannon, Stephanie D. Livingston, and Jack M. Broughton; Gary Huckleberry and Amy Holmes; Charlotte Beck and George T. Jones; Don D. Fowler, Catherine S. Fowler, Don Frazier, and Fred Nials; Matthew Moore; Fred Nials; Alyce Branigan and Maria Bruno; Dave N. Schmitt, David B. Madsen, and Kathleen Callister; Monson W. Shaver III and Dave N. Schmitt. SYMPOSIUM 9. GIS and Other High Technology Applications in Archaeology and CRM. Organizers/Chairs: Paul Claeyssens (Central Oregon Heritage Group, FS/BLM) and Jimae Haynes (Central Oregon Community College) 8:20 - 11:40 Paul Claeyssens and Jimae Haynes; Paul Claeyssens, Alissa DeVoney, and Henry Scott Goodman; Chris Hice, Mike Crumrine, and Henry Scott Goodman; Henry Scott Goodman; Eric Ingbar; Rick Krause; Michael Jenks; Michael Jenks and Patricia Dean; Paul Claeyssens and Jimae Haynes. THE SECOND GREAT BASIN ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONFERENCE LUNCHEON: BRIDGING ISSUES IN THE GBAC. Organizers: Patricia Dean and Melinda Leach 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM Primarily a networking session, this light luncheon is open to all GBAC participants. Thematic tables will include such issues as: "Bridging Academics and CRM"; "Diversity in the GBAC"; "Finishing that Thesis or Dissertation"; "Ethics in Great Basin Anthropology"; "Work and Family Issues"; "Getting Published"; "Keeping Up with Technology". Tickets are $5.00 and are available with early registration. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 9 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM GENERAL SESSION 8. Poster Session. 1:00 - 3:00 Stephan J. Baldwin; Jon Baxter; Alex Bourdeau, Anan Raymond, and Virginia Parks; Jason Bright, Margo Memmot, Steven Simms, and Andrew Ugan; Carla D. Burnside; Mark M. Campbell; Celeste Clegg, Kristen Jensen, and Jill Jensen; Cliff C. Creger; William B. Fawcett and W. Robert Lewelling; Aaron Fergusson; Eric Forgeng; William T. Hartwell; James W. Henderson; Lucile Housley; Michael Jenks; Eric E. Jones, George E. Jones, George T. Jones, David G. Bailey, and Charlotte Beck; Kevin T. Jones and Karen Krieger; Roger M. La Jeunesse and J. H. Pryor; David B. Madsen, Lee Eschler, and Trevor Eschler; Rebecca McCorkle-Apple, Tanya Wahoff, and James H. Cleland; Ryan L. Miller, William N. Wright, Charlotte Beck, David G. Bailey, and George Jones; Anan Raymond; David Rhode; Ronald J. Rood, Kevin T. Jones, Nick Jones, Kyle Rood, Daniel Gittens, Caprielle Barlow, and Isaac Silverman; Steven Simms, Jill Jensen, Kristen Jensen, and Margo Memmott; Scott Thomas; Marnie Wilson; Carol J. Winkler; Andrew York, Stephanie Rose, Cheryl Bowden-Renna, and James H. Cleland. GENERAL SESSION 9. Cultural Materials: Ceramics. 1:00 - 3:00 Margaret M. Lyneis; William Lyons; J.W. Eerkens, H. Neff, and M.D. Glascock; Joel C. Janetski; Aubrey Baadsgard. GENERAL SESSION 10. Historic Issues: Peoples and Places. 1:00 - 3:00 Sue Fawn Chung and Meredith Rucks; Kae McDonald; Melissa K. Farncomb and Stephanie D. Livingston; Gregory M. Graber; S. K. Galushkin. GENERAL SESSION 11. Cultural Resource Policy and Perspectives: II. 1:20 - 2:40 Albert C. Oetting; Don W. Manuel; Thomas Bailor; Glenn E. Wasson. GREAT BASIN ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONFERENCE GENERAL BUSINESS MEETING. 3:05 - 4:30 Tentative agenda - Board of Directors report on the current status of GBAC, incorporation and selection of Officers, more equitable representation, status and proposed use of GBAC funds. FRIDAY EVENING 5:00 - 7:15 No Host Bar - Social Hour 7:15 - 8:45 Banquet 8:45 - 9:15 Catherine Fowler (UNR) - "Southern Paiute Place Names" 9:15 - 12:30 Great dancing and socializing SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 10 8:00 AM - 11:40 AM CONFERENCE INFORMATION SESSION. 8:00 - 8:15 Charles M. Hodges (Edaphos Research) - Program Additions, Cancellations, and Other Changes. General Conference related Announcements. GENERAL SESSION 12. Native Technologies. 8:20 - 11:20 Brooke S. Arkush; George Wingard; Marya Brookshire; P.W. Hutchinson; Daniel S. Amick; Renee Corona Kovet and Judy A. Eisele; Donald R. Tuohy; Elizabeth Moore. GENERAL SESSION 13. Paleoenvironments. 8:20 - 11:00 Michael S. Droz and Dennis L. Jenkins; Joan Brenner Coltrain; F. Kirk Halford; Stephanie D. Livingston; Geoffrey W. Spaulding; Charles M. Hodges; Terri Fulton and Phillip Fulton. GENERAL SESSION 14. Lithic Resource Studies. 8:20 - 11:40 Thomas J. Connolly; Arlene Benson and Richard Hughes; William H. Lyons, Michael D. Glascock, and Peter J. Mehringer Jr.; William H. Lyons and Scott P. Thomas; Donald A. Rotell, Don Hann, and Craig Skinner; Mark A. Giambastiani; Lynn Johnson and David L. Wagner; Jennifer R. Richman and Mark E. Basgall; Brian A. Ramos. SYMPOSIUM 10. Saga of the Frontier: Homesteading the West. Organizers/Chairs: Lou Ann Speulda and Gary C. Bowyer 8:20 - 11:20 Lester A. Ross; Ronald L. Reno; Diane Fenicle; Shelly Davis-King and Gary C. Bowyer; Barbara J. Mackey; Gary C. Bowyer; Lou Ann Speulda; Lynn Furnis. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 10 12:00 - 5:30 PM Guided tours, tickets available with early registration, cost covers transportation and a sack lunch. C. Melvin Aikens and Dennis L. Jenkins will take a group to key Fort Rock Basin sites investigated by the University of Oregon Field School. Thomas J. Connolly will take a second group to Newberry National Monument to visit the Paulina Campground (Early Holocene) site, the Big Obsidian Flow, and the peak over looking Paulina and East lakes. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS The Riverhouse Hotel and Shilo Inn have reserved blocks of rooms for the Great Basin Anthropological Conference participants. These two hotels are located next to each other on the banks of the Deschutes River on Highway 97 at the northern end of Bend. A gate in the chainlink fence separating them provides private and easy access from one to the other. Most Conference-related functions will be held at the Riverhouse; however, symposia meeting rooms will also consistently be in use at the Shilo as well. The Riverhouse has reserved 125 rooms for Conference participants ranging in cost from $57 (regular single) - to $81 (double with river view and two queen sized beds) per night. Add $6.00 per additional person and $10.00 for an added roll-away bed per night. You may see the Riverhouse website at and/or call 1-800-547-3928 for reservations. The Shilo Inn has reserved 75 rooms at a flat rate of $79.00 per night (single or double) and offers king bedrooms, double queens, and queen/sofa/kitchen. Add $10.00 per additional person and $15.00 for added roll-away bed per night. You may see the Shilo Inn website at and/or call 1-800-222-2244 for reservations. City tax is currently 7% of cost and must be added to calculate total room fees. Total room costs, with room capacities of 4-6 persons), can be as low as about $23.00 to $26.50 per person per night. TRAVEL ACCOMMODATIONS The Bend/Redmond area receives airline service from Horizon/Alaska Air and United/United Express Airlines. Planes fly in from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington to the Redmond airport, ca. 20 miles north of Bend, several times daily. Bus shuttle service is also available from the airports in Portland and Redmond directly to the Conference Center at the Riverhouse Hotel in Bend. The CAC Transportation dba Central Oregon Breeze leaves Portland Airport at 2:00 PM each day and arrives in Bend at 5:30 - 5:45 PM. Cost is $36 one-way or $65 round-trip. Call 1-800-955-8267 for reservations. Taxis, vans, and car rentals are available at the Redmond airport. Preregistration form (5K PDF file)
TWENTY-SIXTH GREAT BASIN ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONFERENCE ADVANCE REGISTRATION FORM Advance registration forms must be received by September 15, 1998; after that you must register on-site. Save by sending in your advance registration form. On-site registration will cost $10.00 more. Registration confirmation will be sent to all who preregister. PLEASE PRINT NAME ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE NAME AND AFFILIATION (AS YOU WISH IT TO APPEAR ON YOUR NAME TAG) MEETING REGISTRATION FEES-- PLEASE INDICATE NUMBER OF EACH: REGULAR $40.00 STUDENT/RETIRED $30.00 BANQUET ($25.00 PER PLATE) BEEF CHICKEN FISH SUBTOTAL GBAC WOMEN'S LUNCHEON ($5.00 PER PLATE) SUBTOTAL FIELD TRIP ($15.00) (Includes sack lunch and bus fee) FORT ROCK BASIN (Guided by C. M. Aikens/D. L. Jenkins) NEWBERRY VOL. NATL. MONUMENT (Guided by T. J. Connolly) SUBTOTAL TOTAL ENCLOSED FOR CONFERENCE: Will you be attending the High Desert Museum Reception (no cost)? Please RSVP here: Yes No PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO GBAC and mail with this preregistration form to: Dennis L. Jenkins, GBAC Conference Chair Museum of Natural History 1224-University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon 97403-1224