Message #199

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998
Subject: 1999 PTTGrant Call for Proposals

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Mary S. Carroll  mary_carroll@NCPTT.NPS.GOV

For Immediate Release --
The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training has
issued its 1999 Call for Proposals for NCPTT's Preservation
Technology and Training Grants program. The PTTGrants program
has awarded over $500,000 each year since 1994 for innovative
work in research, training and information management projects
on technical issues in historic architecture, archeology,
historic landscapes, objects and materials conservation, and
interpretation.  Grants are available in eight categories --

      Information management
      Training and education
      Applied/fundamental research
      Environmental effects of outdoor pollutants
      Technology transfer
      Analytical facility support
      Conference support
      Publications support.
Application deadlines are mid-December 1998, as specified in the
Call for Proposals.

The 1999 Call for Proposals is available via -- 

e-mail: Send a blank message to and the
call for proposals will return automatically.

Fax-on-demand: Call 318/357-3214 and follow the recorded
instructions to receive a catalog of documents that includes
the call for proposals.

Web: Visit and click on
"Preservation Technology and Training Grants".

Brochure: Request a printed call for proposals by sending an
e-mail message to , telephoning 318/357-6464,
or writing NCPTT, NSU Box 5682, Natchitoches, LA 71497.

PTTGrants are funded by Federal appropriation and awards are
subject to availability of funds.

For more information, contact John Robbins, NCPTT Executive
Director; telephone 318/357-6464, facsimile 318/357-6421
The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
is an office of the National Park Service under the Associate
Director, Cultural Resource Stewardship and Partnerships.
NCPTT promotes and enhances the preservation of prehistoric
and historic resources in the United States for present and
future generations through the advancement and dissemination
of preservation and conservation technology and training.

Preservation Technology and Training Grants are NCPTT's chief
means of stimulating and supporting creative work in research,
training and information management for preservation and