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Dead Media Working Note 09.9

Source:  "The Bedbugs' Night Dance and other Hopi
Sexual Tales," Collected, translated and edited
by Ekkehard Malotki. Published for the University
of Northern Arizona by the University of Nebraska
Press, 1995 page 367:

"In the past when a Hopi wished to inform his
fellow villagers of certain things, he would
petition someone to make a public announcement on
his behalf. At other times, a formal announcement
could be made by the tsa'akmongwi, or official
'village crier.' "To broadcast his message, the
crier always climbed on a rooftop. The opening
formula of his announcement usually sounded as
follows: 'Those of you people out there heed my
words.' The conclusion was equally formalized:
'This is the announcement I was instructed to make
known to you. That's about it.'  Whenever the crier
shouted out his announcement, he typically drew out
the last word of each sentence.