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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Date:		Tue, 16 Jun 1998 20:20:00
Subject:	1999 AAAM Meeting Minutes

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Ann Howard 

Notes from 1999 Arizona Archaeology Awareness
Month Kick-off Planning Meeting held on May 26,
1998 Arizona State Historic Preservation Office
(SHPO) Arizona State Parks, Phoenix

by Ann Valdo Howard
Public Archaeology Programs Manager, SHPO

Introductions:   Twenty-two (22) people were in
attendance at the kick-off planning meeting for
1999 AAAM. A copy of the sign-in list is available
from SHPO (see mailing address below or e mail Ann
Howard for a copy). 

Recap of 1998 AAAM:  A handout was provided that
detailed the results of a survey that the SHPO
sent out to the Archaeology Community (n = roughly
440) after AAAM/Archaeology Expo was over. The
survey asked for input on the 1998 AAAM/Expo
program -- what worked well and what could be
improved. Twenty-three (23) responses to the
survey were received and the comments were
summarized in the handout. (Copies of the results
can be obtained from SHPO.) In general, comments
were primarily positive, with both positive and
negative comments about the 1998 AAAM poster being
included. The results of the Visitor’s Survey from
the 1999 Archaeology Expo at Deer Valley Rock Art
Center in Phoenix were provided in a handout that
the Research and Marketing Section (RAM) of ASP
compiled. The comments were overwhelmingly
positive, indicating that the event is extremely
successful in public outreach, in general, and in
conveying a stewardship message to the public, in
specific. (Copies of the Visitor’s Survey Summary
can be obtained from SHPO.)

Brainstorming for 1999 AAAM:  Discussion began
with Ann Howard pointing out that we do not have
to have a theme for AAAM; she cited examples of
other states that do not and explained that the
lack of a theme could actually make it easier to
design the AAAM poster. (The theme for the month
has usually constrained or limited design of the
poster to something that relates to that theme.
Not having a theme would potentially “open up” the
design field for the poster.) The planning group
came up with a list of themes, including a “No
theme” entry; they then voted on the entries and
agreed to NOT have a theme for AAAM this coming
year. It was suggested that a “tag line” of
“Celebrate, Educate, Participate” be added to the
poster and Listing/Calendar of Events, however.
The 1999 Expo location will be at Tubac Presidio
State Historic Park (an Archaeology Fair was held
there four years ago and it was extremely
well-attended). The group discussed dates for
awhile and decided to hold the event on the first
weekend (March 6-7, Saturday and Sunday) of the
month so that it could “kick-off” the month. It is
hoped that we can “piggy-back” the Expo with the
Town of Tubac’s Art Walk in order to maximize
visitation to the Expo. SHPO will provide this
information to the ASP Public Information Office
(PIO) so that the dates/event can be published in
the Arizona Office of Tourism’s (AOT) 1999
Calendar. Tubac Presidio State Historic Park (TPSHP)
is ready and willing to host a school field trip
day on the Friday (March 5) before the Expo. If any
group is willing to help TPSHP with this endeavor,
please make sure that you attend the first Expo
planning meeting (date and location will be
discussed below).

AAAM Poster:  Positive discussion ensued on this
year’s AAAM poster -- what worked about it and what
did not. SHPO reiterated that, each year, at each
kick-off planning meeting, they have asked for
volunteers to help them, Motorola and the Expo host
design that year’s poster -- volunteers have been
few and far between! This year eight people
expressed an interest in helping out with the
poster design and logistics (these people need to
send Ann Howard their e-mail addresses so that she
can communicate over the Internet with them
regarding meeting dates, etc.) It was unknown if
Motorola could continue to underwrite the cost of
designing (they provide a graphic designer) and
printing this coming year’s poster -- Motorola has
been undergoing some serious RIFs and community
dollars have been affected. Ann Howard will
continue to work with Linda Trujillo, the Motorola
contact. A request was made by SHPO that if anyone
knows of any other corporate entities that might
be willing to sponsor the 1999 AAAM poster, please
let Ann know.

Publicity:  SHPO will continue to produce the
annual Listing of Events for 1999 AAAM. SHPO, the
ASP PIO, and ASP RAM will continue to advertise
the month and Expo on the Internet and in TV,
radio, newspaper, magazine, SRP Contact newsletter,
etc. The PIO will especially focus on trying to
get 1999 AAAM into Arizona Highways this year, as
we did not get in the 1998 March issue. (AZ
Highways usually only advertises for us every
other year.) 

Date of Initial 1999 Expo Planning Meeting: The
first Expo meeting will be held on August 20, 1998
at 11:00 a.m. at TPSHP.

Year 2000 Expo Planning: Planning for the Year
2000 Archaeology Expo has begun with SHPO sending
out solicitations for a host location. If you need
a proposal form, please let Ann Howard know. Host
proposals are due back to SHPO by August 12, 1998.
Ann announced that at least four different entities
have expressed an interest so far in hosting the
Year 2000 Archaeology Expo. For further information
on this meeting, please contact Ann Howard at:

State Historic Preservation Office
1300 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ   85007