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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:36:51
Subject: 1999 AZ Archaeology Awareness Month

Poster Design Update

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Ann Howard

1999 Arizona Archaeology Awareness Month
Poster Design Committee --
Results of First Meeting July 14, 1998

Notes by Ann Valdo Howard
SHPO Public Archaeology Programs Manager
At the annual Kick-Off Planning Meeting for 1999
Arizona Archaeology Awareness Month (AAAM), the State
Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) gave its annual
plea for people to help them design the publicity
poster for this statewide celebration. Given some
dissatisification with the 1998 AAAM poster on the
part of some people, numerous attendees volunteered
to sit on a committee to help the SHPO with this
endeavor. The “Poster Committee” consisted of 17
volunteers, 7 of which consist of SHPO and Arizona
State Parks (ASP) staff.

The committee agreed to meet for the first time on
July 14, 1998.  Nine members of the committee (six of
which were SHPO and ASP staff) attended the meeting.

Given that the 1999 Archaeology Expo will be held at
the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park (Presidio),
and that the poster will include promotion of the
Expo location and date, the committee members present
unanimously decided to have next year’s poster design
have a Spanish Colonial period focus and feature the

Ellen Bilbrey, the Public Information Officer (PIO)
for ASP, produced a colorful piece of artwork
produced by local artist Bill Ahrendt that portrays
an artist’s reconstruction of life at the Presidio
during the Spanish-Colonial period. The painting
shows Native American and Spanish individuals
interacting in daily life and was produced by the
artist for a series of paintings called the “Cavalcade
of History.”  The series featured 16 different pictures
in which Arizona’s history was represented -- the
paintings were then used as double page inserts in the
Arizona Highways magazine.
A positive aspect about using this painting (beside
the fact that it already exists and we have the
artist’s permission to use it to promote/support the
Presidio) is that the ASP PIO feels that she can “sell”
the concept to magazines to use as cover art -- this
would be excellent publicity for AAAM and the Expo.

The committee members agreed to go back to their
various institutions and attempt to locate photographs
of Spanish-Colonial period artifacts that could be used
on the poster to supplement the artwork. It was
strongly agreed that Native American as well as Spanish
artifacts should be depicted in the design. Members
will bring these photos to the next Poster Committee
meeting so that the group can pick and choose which,
and how many, photos they want to use on the poster.

The next meeting of the Poster Committee will be held
on August 20, 1998 at 1:00 p.m. at Tubac Presidio State
Historic Park, immediately after the first Expo Planning
Meeting that will be held there at 11:00 a.m. 

Everyone is invited to stay after the Expo meeting and
provide the Committee with their input.