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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: San Pedro Clovis Sites

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

[ SASIG Ed. Note -- Mr. Muro may work the AZ Daily Star,but the
version of the article SWA received was published in the Boston Globe.]


From: Jane Pike-Childress 

FYI:  BLM-Managed Clovis Sites In The San Pedro River Valley

An article written by Mark Muro (Arizona Daily Star), recently
posted to this list, discusses the Bureau of Land Management's
rare and important Clovis-era resources in a negative light.
Concerns have been raised among interested scholars regarding
the protection and interpretation of the Murray Springs and
Lehner Mammoth Kill Clovis sites. Although the article written
by Mr. Muro present true and valid concerns about these sites,
he failed to accurately convey the information given to him.

Thanks to a Heritage grant, BLM does have some limited funding
to put interpretive signs and a kiosk in at the Murray Springs
site. Until this past summer, BLM, Tucson Field Office, lacked
sufficient staff to finish the interpretive project that the
Heritage grant funded. The site currently has a trail and
footbridges, as was stated in Mr. Muro's article, and the
signage will be following shortly. I transferred here in July
and Roni Fortun, an interpretive specialist, was brought on in
August. We now have both the staff and some funding to continue
the work that needs to be done at Murray Springs and Lehner. We
have been working with Dr. C. Vance Haynes of the University of
Arizona to get this initial, funded portion of the interpretive
work at Murray Springs done. We expect to have the interpretive
signs installed THIS spring or summer (1998) and have an
interpretive brochure finished by then as well.

Additional interpretive facilities at Murray Springs are desired,
and needed. Dr. Haynes' vision of the Murray Springs site
re-created in concrete is our ambition, but it will require more
funding than a single project normally receives through the BLM's
budget process. Assistance from the private sector and possibly
other federal agencies is needed. These sites are exceedingly
important and the BLM agrees that they are a tremendous
educational tool, needing to be developed.  

The BLM, with assistance from Dr. Haynes, is in the early stages
of forming a non-profit foundation that would help guide the BLM
in the management and interpretation of the Clovis sites. We
anticipate that this foundation would act as a vehicle to solicit
funds from private entities to leverage federal dollars, earmarked
for the Clovis sites, that we hope to receive. The $110,000 that
was mentioned in Muro's article is not for a diversion dam to
protect the site. Work has already been planned to alleviate the
erosional situation at Murray Springs, but a diversion dam is not
necessary. Since the Lehner site is stable, no work of that nature
is planned.  The additional requested funds are for the interpretive
facilities mentioned above.  

As for vandalism and illegal digging and collecting, of course some
of that has occurred. Most large archaeological or historical sites
have been collected or pot-hunted to some extent. There are many
concerned volunteers regularly patrolling these sites as well as
many other sites along the San Pedro River. My continuing thanks to
our Site Stewards and other volunteers and interested publics for
helping us patrol and manage the numerous sensitive and important
sites that BLM administers. 

Most vandalism at Murray Springs has been from illegal use of the
area and facilities. To curtail vandalism, we are now restricting
site visitation to daylight hours and once interpretive signs and
kiosks are installed, the access gate will be locked every evening,
if necessary, to protect the site and facilities.

By the end of this year, the results of over two years of
interpretive planning and design work will be in place at Murray
Springs. We agree that this has been long in coming, but we hope
our visitors will be pleased with the end product. If anyone is
interested in the foundation we are forming to assist us in managing
the Murray Springs and Lehner Clovis sites, or wants more
information regarding our plans for these sites, please feel free
to contact me.

Jane Pike Childress
Tucson Field Office (San Pedro Project Office) (520)458-3559