Message #20:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject:    1998 AZ Archaeology Month Posters
Date:		Fri, 16 Jan 1998 20:07:11 -0700

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Ann Howard 

For those who placed advanced orders, the 1998 Arizona
Archaeology Awareness Month (AAAM) Posters are now available.
Posters will be ready for pick-up on Thursday, 1/22/98, at the
SHPO office, 1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix.  If you can come
and pick yours up, that would help us save postage.  We think
that you will like the poster -- it is very different...bold
and contemporary!

Please help us disseminate the posters as they are one of the
primary publicity tools for AAAM.  Please feel free to post
them in stores, museums, libraries, gas stations, etc.  Thank
you all for your continued efforts to help sensitize the public
about Arizona's unique and fragile cultural heritage.  

Ann Howard
Public Archaeology Programs Mgr.

PS - Motorola again underwrote the design, production, and
printing of this year's poster for us and we are very appreciative
of their continued support!