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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Symposium on Ethics of Archaeological Photography
Date: Thu,  Jan 1 19:30:26 1998

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

Bruce Hucko -- photographer, author, children's art coach!
P.O. Box 201 Moeb, Utah 84532 / (435) 259 - 4176

I am a freelance photographer and writer with an interesting archaeology
related project that may concern you.

In the spring of 1998 (March-May), I will have an extensive one person
exhibit of photographs at the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado.
The exhibit is currently entitled Images From An Untamed Land: Views of the
Ancestral Southwest.

The exhibit includes over 60 color and B&W images that will be complemented
by collected poems and an essay by myself. I have photographed
archaeological sites in the southwest consistently for 15+ years. As
photographer for the Wetherill-Grand Gulch Research Project, I helped find
and document the artifact collections the Wetherills assembled in the late
1890's. While most of my work is concerned with research and fine art print
sales I also publish images in commercial markets. As a result I have a
growing concern with the affect my work has on sites and have begun
educating people about the presence and preservation of sites.

Complementing the exhibit will be a symposium on the ethics of
photographing, writing about, and publishing archaeological sites. Lou Ann
Jacobson, Director of the AHC, and her staff are the sponsors. The purpose
of this letter is to inform you of our plans and invite your participation.
This letter is being sent to photographers, writers, publishers, state,
federal, and tribal land management agencies, and individuals concerned
with the subject.

The reason for such an event should be obvious. Sites are receiving
extensive visitation. Our photographs, writing and publications often
invite people to sited by making them aware of interesting sites. The
question is do we also educate those people so that they will act
appropriately when visiting those sites? The purpose of this event is to
bring together the wide variety of people concerned with the protection and
preservation of sites to share their views and come to a reasonable
consensus on how best to educate the general public through our continued
photographic and writing efforts. This symposium takes as its basic theme
that people will continue to visit sites no matter what one does and that
educating the public as to proper site visitation etiquette is the best
longterm method of protecting sites. To educate the public we must first
educate ourselves. Many of us have talked individually with agencies or
each other on this subject. This is an opportunity to speak together.

Through the talks and discussions that are being planned we can come to a
consensus agreement regarding how to use our individual work for the
benefit of sites. My vision is that we can produces a simple list of
guidelines that we can all agree upon and sign.

The symposium will take place the weekend of March 20, 21, and 22, 1998 at
the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado. There is a small fee of
$10 for the event (drinks, snacks, postage) and all participants are
expected to take care of their own lodging, travel and other costs.

We are currently in the planning stages. The event will contain a variety
of elements and their placing in the schedule will partially be determined
by your response to this letter.

Please fill out this short questionnaire and return it to me by early
February. Whether or not you can attend your input is valued.

Thank you,
Bruce Hucko

Photographing and Writing about the Ancient Southwest
Are We Accessory to a Crime? (working title)

sponsored by the Anasazi Heritage Center and Bruce Hucko

What: a free, 2-day symposium for writers, photographers, editors, agencies
and publishers on the ethics of publishing written and visual information
on the ancestral puebloan (Anasazi) culture.

When: March 20, 21,22 1998

Where: Anasazi Heritage Center, Dolores, Colorado

Who: Writers, photographers, editors, publishers, agencies and Individuals
who frequently publish on the subject.

Why: With ever increasing visitation it becomes the responsibility of those
of us who publish materials to seriously look at how we do our work. Do we
educate and sensitize without giving away locations or are we accessory to
a crime, blatantly show images and writing about sites in such a way that
they could become damaged by increased uninformed visitation?

Fee: $10. To cover coffee, snacks, postage and incidental costs. Anyone
wishing to participate will provide their own meals and lodging. This is
being done so that participants will be motivated to come for personal
heartfelt reasons.

Objective: To discuss and adopt a set of ethical guidelines for the
commercial and educational publication of materials (photographs, writing)
related to the ancient cultures of the southwest.

Idea: The symposium will provide a formal and informal arena for
particpants to listen, discuss and act upon their own ethics. Once a set of
ethical guidelines are agreed upon and signed by attendees other noted
writers, photograhers, land managers, and publishers will be asked to sign
it. The final document will then be circulated to all known publishers of
related materials, writers, photographers, educational institutions and the
like with the hope that their future actions will fall in line with the
guidelines and that we might spur greater coordinated sensitivity to the

For additional information or chat contact:
Bruce Hucko, P.O. Box 201, Moab Utah 84532 / (435) 259-4176

Proposed Agenda

Friday 5-8 PM
opening social and exhibit viewing at AHC gallery introductions - Lou Ann
Jacobson, purpose - Hucko Spirit of the Land reading by attending writers
Book display and sale by attending writers, photographers, publishers

8:30     Coffee
9-10     Guidelines Discussion #1 (brainstorm concerns)
10:30-12 Special Presentations (2 @ 45 min.)
12-1:30  Lunch
1 :30-3:00 Special Presentations (2 @ 45 min)
3:15-4:30  Guidelines Discussion #2 (prioritize & simplify)
- - - - -  Dinner Break
7-8:30   Evening Event
Serendipity Slide show
Each attendee is asked to bring up to 10 35mm slides of sites (marked with
your name) that will shown in a one time slide show this evening honoring
the subject.

9-10     Guidelines Discussion #3 (refine & finish)
10:30-12 Special Presentation (2 @ 45 min)
12:30-1 :30 Signing of Guidelines - Closing
2-6 PM   Optional Field Trip to site

Special Presentations may include but are not limited to-

The Tribal View - representatives from the Hopi, Pueblo, Navajo and Ute
tribes will express their concerns and current policies on the subject.

The Management Dilemma - representatives from the NPS, BLM, NFS, and the
states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico will present their current
policies on site disclosure and offer their concerns and recommendations
regarding publication of sites.

I'm Only Trying to Help! - a select group of writer, photographers and
publishers will lead a discussion on their concerns of the subject and
methods they use in their work to maintain a site preservation ethic.

The Writing on the Wall - Fred Blackburn will discuss the Wetherill Project
and the importance of recording historic inscriptions.

Help Us Out! - One or more professional archaeologists will outline
some simple photographic and written tasks that could be performed when
visiting sites that could help the site documentation process.

What Can I Say? - A guided discussion on the ethics of naming and locating
sites in text and captions as well as showing prominent topographic
features in photographs.

Alternative Views and Programs - We will hear short presentations from rock
art, low impact camping, preservation and other related groups.

With Intent - A discussion of the relationship between professional
photographers, writers, guides, publishers, etc. and the agencies who
manage the land. The trials and tribulations of photographers and writers
who seek to publish about an area. How some policies make it difficult to
do good work.

Photo Ethics Symposium Questionnaire

Mail to: Bruce Hucko, P.O. Box 201, Moab Utah 84532; (435) 259-4176



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