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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject:    Bead Symposium March 25-30, Santa Fe NM
Date:		Thu, 15 Jan 1998 20:29:25 -0700

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Suzanne Jamison 

Bead Expo is an internationally recognized forum for scholars,
artists, and the public to meet and share their interest in
beads.  Bead Expo '98 will be held March 25-30 in Santa Fe,
New Mexico.  The week's events feature a symposium on Seed
Beads and Beadwork, an International Bazaar, a session of
invited papers on bead research, and workshops.  The Expo is
a biennal event sponsored by the Center for Bead Research and
Recursos de Santa Fe, a nonprofit organization.  To receive a
brochure, call 800-732-6881.

The Symposium:  Seed Beads and Beadwork
Small "seed beads" have been used for thousands of years to
give light, depth, color, movement, texture, and life to
clothing and other objects.  As seed beads became available
throughout the world, each culture adapted them to reflect a
unique aesthetic.  Because beads are so common and are found
in almost every region of the earth, they have much to tell us
about the movement of humans, trade patterns, technical advances,
and the evolution of cultural iconography.  The 40,000 years of
bead history is a uncommonly rich field that is just beginning to
be mined.  

Peter Francis, Jr. has assembled an experienced faculty to discuss
seed beads and what they reveal about culture, art, history, and
more.  The morning lecture series is followed by informal afternoon
discussion groups with the faculty and other guest lecturers.

Faculty include:

Arthur Amiotte, Educator, Scholar, and Artist;
The Iconography and Techniques of Northern Plains Beadwork.

Robin Atkins, Beadworker and Researcher;
Living Traditions of Hungarian Beadwork.

Larry Brown, Gallery of the Ancestral Bead;
The Roots and Contemporary Expressions of African Beadwork.

Nancy Eha, Bead Artist;
Bead Visionaries: Expressive Beadwork Artists

Peter Francis, Jr., Director, Center for Bead Research and Bead Expo; The Beads in Beadwork.

Valerie Hector, Beadworker and Researcher; 
Invoking the Aso': Dayak Beadwork of Borneo.

Joyce Herold, Curator of Anthropology, Denver Museum of Natural History; Plains Beadwork.

Alice Scherer, Director, Center for the Study of Beadwork;
Standardizing the Terms of Beadwork Techniques.

Susana Valadez, Director, Huichol Cultural Center;
Huichol Beadwork

The symposium is held Friday through Sunday, March 27-29, from
9:00 a.m. to noon at St. Francis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts,
on the Santa Fe Plaza. Symposium registration is $200 prior to
January 31; increasing to $230 for registrations received from
February 1 forward.  Work exchange and fee waivers are available
for students, seniors, and people with low income. Symposium
registrants can attend Thursday's private preview and the daily
bazaar at no extra cost. 

Other professional opportunities include papers on "What's New
In Bead Research," organized by the Society of Bead Researchers;
the Bead Museum display and silent auction; meetings of societies;
exhibits, artist demonstrations and gallery openings; and more.

From March 25-30, workshops are offered at every ability level
with internationally-known instructors including Robin Atkins,
Kate Drew-Wilkinson, Nancy Eha, Peter Francis, Jr., Tory Hughes,
and Don Pierce, among others.  

Request a complete schedule, brochure, and list of Bead Expo
hotels by calling 1-800-732-6881; fax 505-989-8608; send e-mail
to; or write to Recursos de Santa Fe, 826 Camino
del Monte Rey #A3, Santa Fe, NM  87505.  Also, visit the Expo page
on the Web at

Suzanne Jamison, Symposium Coordinator

PS - The Bead Research session on Saturday afternoon is free;
and we are offering any SWA list person a half-price discount to
the symposium - just e-mail me if interested.