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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 17:57:46 -0700
Subject: Does "Nacaye" mean "Mexicans" ?

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Foreign language translations

From: Ben Brown
Instituto Nacional DE Antropologia e Historia
Subject: Re: Language Translator

Speaking of Translations, does somebody out there have an
Apache/English or Navajo/English dictionary?  I have been
told that "Nacaye" means "Mexicans" in one or both of these
languages.  Can any body confirm this translation?

Thanks Ben Brown

Ben -- Perhaps a Navajo or Apache speaker on the SWA e-mail
list can contact you directly at
and provide expert advice.  In the meantime try these two items:
Apache-English Dictionary A Community-Generated Bilingual
Dictionary of Western Apache Dorothy Bray, editor in
collaboration with the White Mountain Apache tribe. This
exhaustive bilingual dictionary is the culmination of years
of collaboration between educators, linguistic scholars, and
community informants of the White Mountain and San Carlos
Apache communities. It has been compiled with the goal of
creating a living, working dictionary that will be of value
for cultural, educational, and practical purposes. Among
these are the teaching of Western Apache to children, the
retention and expansion of the oral and written languages,
and the preservation of traditional ceremonial songs and
oral history. More widely, the dictionary will be useful to
Apaches and non-Apaches in practical applications such as
medicine, social work, education, and human services. It also
provides through its definitions a wealth of culture, history,
and lore supplied by the many community informants. In
addition to the dictionary proper, which consists of two
sections (Apache-English and English-Apache), the volume
includes practical phonetic transcriptions and a pronunciation
guide, clarifies current writing conventions for Western
Apache, and gives a practical morphosyntactic description of
key features of the language (e.g., verb constructions, affixes,
pronominal constructions, and particles). Dorothy Bray
recently retired from her faculty position at Central Arizona
College. 528 pp. paper only, $20.00 | ISBN 0-927534-79-7 |

40 "Navajo language" items
Navajo Code Talker Dictionary
Navajo Language Samples

Finally, I suppose for non Spanish speakers and Spanish
speakers alike, the babelfish web site noted above will be
most useful translating those SAA American Antiquity
abstracts into Spanish to meet the publication submission
requirements.... as well as for translating web pages.....