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Subject: New TX Petroglyph Anti-Graffiti Law
Date: Wed, 25 Feb

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From: Anne Vawser
To: 98-76 - Amistad NRA (TX)
Rock Art Vandalism Conviction Two juvenile females were
recently convicted in state court for damaging a rock art
site in the park with graffiti written in charcoal last
August 23rd. The rock art dates from 5,000 to 7,000 years
ago; although the culture is not known, the technique is
significant enough to warrant its own style name - Pecos
rock art.  Part of the site was also in Seminole Canyon
State Park. The estimated cost for repair of the damage
was placed at $3,000.  Under a new Texas law, graffiti
that causes damage in excess of $1,500 is a felony. The
mother of the juveniles was ordered to pay $2,400 in
restitution to cover the actual cost of professional
mitigation of the damage.  The girls were also ordered to
perform 240 hours of community service, placed on eight-
months' probation, and barred from the park during the
period of their probation.  This is the first local case in
which vandalism was prosecuted as a felony under the new law.
[Rod Danner, CR, AMIS, 2/18 and 2/23]

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