Message #64
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998
Subject: Oppose HCR 2025

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Debbie Canright

This Bill was forwarded on to me for my attention.
We need to act on it:

HCR 2025: lottery proceeds: college scholarships
(introduced by Representatives Weiers, Groscost, and
Brimhall) would remove the Heritage Fund and all other
current Lottery fund recipients from the Lottery
revenue stream, and make them subject to general

This bill would:

*Put the Lottery back on the ballot in November

*Remove all current revenue recipients from the revenue
stream, and have them consist only of "monies
appropriated by the Legislature" with no statutorily
specified amount (read as zero)

*Give the entire Lottery fund to post-secondary education
scholarships, which will be issued to Arizona High School
graduates regardless of need or whether they already have
other scholarship monies

*Give control of Lottery monies to the Legislature via a
"Lottery Scholarship Committee" consisting of three
gubernatorial appointments and four legislative

One of the main reasons for the establishment of the
Heritage Fund was to create a permanent, non-appropriated
source of funding for natural, cultural and recreational
preservation. Previous attempts to fund these programs
via general appropriates in the Legislature were
unsuccessful).  This bill may be the most serious threat
to the Heritage Fund since its inception! This bill is an
attempt to preempt the voters' previous choices with regard
to the Lottery fund, and while cloaking itself as a
scholarship bill, really gives control of Lottery funds back
to the Legislature.  It would doom the Heritage Fund and
Healthy Arizona initiatives by removing them from the
Lottery revenue stream.  The following Lottery-funded
programs would all be unfunded and left waiting for unlikely
Legislative appropriations: Commerce and Economic Development
Commission; Local Transportation Assistance Fund; Arizona
Clean Air Fund; County Assistance Fund; Arizona Heritage Fund;
Healthy Families Pilot Programs; Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
Programs; Health Start Pilot Program; and Federal Women,
Infants, and Children Food Program.

Please ask your Representatives to oppose this bill.

[SASIG Ed. Note -- Ms. Canright is the Southwest Archaeology
Team (SWAT) legislative affairs coordinator and a member of
the Phoenix Chapter of AZ Archaeological Society ]