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To:   "'Matthias Giessler'"

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:48:25
Subject: Aline In The Sand

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

[ SASIG Ed. Note: See California State Historical Landmarks
or Nevada Historical Marker Index. To learn more about 1874-era
steamers on the Colorado River, see Vanished Arizona
(Martha Summerhayes / Project Gutenberg E-text)]

From: Aline Laforge

Mac and Maggie McShan of Needles CA, in their own local
publication "Footprints" (October 1975, p 2-3), wrote
about a dedication ceremony being held in Nov. 1975 at
the Von Schmidt boundary monument. The monument marks the
end of the first surveyed line between California and
Nevada at the Colorado River floodplain. It was cast in
San Francisco in 1872 and brought by river steamer up the
Colorado River in 1873. Apparently the line, which was
surveyed by Alex Von Schmidt and his team, was not correct
and a later survey placed the state boundary line
approximately 3/4 mile north. The monument is designated as
California Historical Landmark No. 859 and Nevada Historical
Landmark No. 188 but even the location of this monument is
not at the original location of the first survey. In the
early 1970's personnel from the Bureau of Land Management
Yuma Arizona office did archive research and field surveys to
attempt to determine the location of the original Von Schmidt
line which is believed to be approximately .1 miles south of
the current monument location. In the 1970's the monument's
current location was called the "wrong wrong line" and the
supposed location the "right wrong line". The monument is easy
to find on the River Road between Needles CA and Laughlin NV.
Archive information is available at the BLM Lake Havasu Field