Message #58
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'"

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 05:09:04 
Subject: AZ House Bill 2393 -- Legislative Update

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :


Arizona Representative Wes Marsh writes
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 03:23:24

Subject: HB 2393
2393 will be heard in NRA on Feb 17th at 1:00 pm.  
Thanks again for getting this out. Wes Marsh

[ Use the links above to read more about the Bill and
to contact your representatives.  Representative Marsh
hopes you will come testify your opinion on the proposed
legislation before the House Natural Resources Agriculture
Committee -- SASIG Ed. ]