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Subject:	FY 99 Fed Historic Preservation Budget Synopsis

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Subject: NCC Washington Update, Vol. 4, #3, February 2, 1998
NCC Washington Update, vol. 4, #3, February 2, 1998
by Page Putnam Miller, Director of the National Coordinating
Committee for the Promotion of History

1.  President Recommends a Budget Increase for National Archives
2.  President's FY'99 Request for NHPRC is $6 Million
3.  Update on Funding for Historic Preservation Programs
4.  Historic Preservation Is Part of a New Presidential Initiative,
The Millennium Program
1.  President Recommends a Budget Increase for National Archives—The
numbers in the President's FY'99 budget requests to Congress became 
public on February 2.  President Clinton has requested $230 million, a 
$24.8 million increase, for the National Archives' operating budget. If 
approved by Congress, this 12.1% increase would greatly assist the 
National Archives in expanding access to its records and developing 
solutions to the problems of managing and preserving the nation's 
electronic records.
In addition to the operating budget for the National Archives, the
President requested $10.45 million for a separate line item for repairs 
and restorations.  This amount is divided into three categories:  $4 
million is earmarked for ensuring the preservation of the nation's 
Charters of Freedom -- the Declaration of Independence, the 
Constitution, and the Bill of Rights;  $4.45 million will go for repairs 
at the National Archives' many buildings, which include the Presidential 
Libraries, regional archives, and records centers; and $2 million will 
be used for an architectural and engineering study for the renovation of 
the Archives I, the National Archives' building on Pennsylvania Avenue.
2.  President's FY'99 Request for NHPRC is $6 Million—The President has
requested an FY'99 budget for the National Historical Publications and 
Records Commission (NHPRC) of $6 million.  Last year the President 
requested only $4 million of NHPRC; however, the Congress appropriated 
$5.5 million.  If NHPRC receives $6 million in FY'99 this would be a 
9.1% increase over the current level and would be the most that NHPRC 
has ever received for competitive grants.
3. Update on Funding for Historic Preservation Programs—The President
has request $51 million in FY'99, as compared with $37 million in FY98, 
for grants and aid from the Historic Preservation Fund.  This amount is 
divided among four programs.  The FY'99 level for the State Historic 
Preservation Offices is $29.39 million, the current funding level. There 
is $15.4 million for the historic preservation needs of Historic Black 
Colleges and Universities, a very significant increase over the $5.6 
million in FY'98.  Funding for Indian Tribes' historic preservation 
programs is $3 million, also a big increase over the $1.2 million 
budgeted in FY'98.  The $51 million includes this year $2.7 million for 
a new allocation for the National Historic Landmark Program.  As had 
been expected, there is no funding this year for the National Trust for 
Historic Preservation.  Congressional leaders reached an agreement 
several years ago that funding for the Trust would be eliminated in 
4. Historic Preservation Is Part of a New Presidential Initiative, The
Millennium Program—President Clinton in his January 27 "State of the 
Union Address" proposed a program to preserve and restore our nation's 
heritage as we enter the new millennium.  The theme of the "Save 
America's Treasures" program is "Honor the past; imagine the future." 
Part of this program will be the development of a challenge grant 
initiative, that over the next three years, will assist in the 
preservation of endangered historic places and artifacts across the 
United States.
The President's budget proposal states that the funding for these 
grants will come from the Historic Preservation Fund and shall be used 
"to preserve the Nation's irreplaceable heritage, as authorized by the 
Historic Preservation Act, including preservation of intellectual 
expressions and cultural artifacts, and of historic structures and 
sites." The President's budget specifics that one half of these funds 
are to be transferred to federal agencies for preserving our cultural 
heritage and the other half is to go to the State Historic Preservation 
Offices and Indian Tribes.  The State Historic Preservation Offices—with 
appropriate state partners— will assist state agencies, local 
governments, and nonprofit organizations in preserving America's 
historic treasures.
The "Save America's Treasurers" program will be located in the 
Department of Interior.  The President's FY'99 budget request includes 
$50 million this year for the program, with an anticipated $50 million 
to be also allocated in each of the following two years. At this point 
only the conceptual outline of the program is available for many of the 
details have not yet been determined. However, it does appear that the 
grants will require matching funds.
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