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Date:	Tue, Feb 03 1998 
Subject: NM HPD 1998 RFP Announcement

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From:	Lynne Sebastian

New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division
Request for Proposals Announcement 1998

The New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division (SHPO) is
preparing to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to carry out
preservation-related projects using  the federal Historic
Preservation Fund (HPF) made available through the National
Park Service, Department of the Interior.  The RFP will be
issued on or about February 13, 1998.

The projects to be funded are described briefly below. If
you are interested in receiving the RFP for one or more
projects, please either (1) fill out the form at the bottom
of this sheet and return it to the Division or (2) e-mail a
request for the RFP, including your name and address and the
name of the project or projects, to
Please send your request for the RFP as soon as possible; in
order to ensure that you have the maximum time to complete
your proposal, requests should be received by February 11,
although request will be honored until the proposal submission
deadline, which will be approximately March 20, 1998.

The Division does not anticipate requiring match from
contractors at this time, but this situation may change,
depending on the 1998 Legislative session.

The projects to be funded are of two types:  (1) categorical
projects where the general nature of the project and the amount
of money available are specified, but the specifics of the
project are chosen by the proposer, and (2) specific projects
where the Division specifies the exact nature of the product

Categorical Projects

Small Grants (each grant not to exceed $2,000; each entity can
only make two applications)

Funding for approximately ten “small grants.”  These grants
are intended to promote preservation activities at the local
level.  Examples include, but are not limited to: Development
of preservation plans; public awareness events to promote
historic preservation ; preparation of nominations to the State
Register of Cultural Properties and National Register of
Historic Places ; surveys to identify historic and prehistoric
sites; recording and / or monitoring of endangered archaeological
Total funding available:  $20,000.

Getting Out the Word on Preservation

Funding to design and implement a project to increase public
awareness of and support for the preservation of New Mexico’s
historic and prehistoric resources.  The message should
emphasize the many values of preservation -- economic, cultural,
educational, and quality of life.  The medium should be one that
achieves maximum visibility for the dollars expended.  Creativity
and originality of the proposed project will count heavily in
the Division’s review of the final proposals.  Total available
funding for all projects:  $10,000.

Technical Assistance Planning

Funding to secure the services of a professional architect,
engineer and/or conservationist to assist in developing
appropriate preservation treatments and stabilization methods
for buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places
or State Register of Cultural Properties. Training may be an
appropriate product of the grant. Available to non-profit
organizations, Tribes, local governments (non-CLG) and State
agencies.  Available funding: $3,000; single or aggregate projects
will be considered.

Historic Structure Reports

Funding for the services of a preservation team to assist
in developing appropriate preservation treatments, stabilization
methods and maintenance plans for buildings listed in the
National Register of Historic Places or State Register of
Cultural Properties. Reports that target specific building
problems and include technical assessments and preservation
recommendations, will be weighted favorably.  Training for the
public may be an appropriate product of the grant. Available to
non-profit organizations, Tribes, local governments (non-CLG)
and State agencies .  Available funding: $15,000; single or
aggregate projects will be considered.
Tribal Grants

Beginning this year, the Division plans to set aside part of
its HPF funding for preservation grants to federally recognized
tribes.  These grants can be used for preservation planning,
surveys to identify historic properties, development of National
Register nominations, public education and outreach efforts,
and other preservation-related projects. Total funding available

Specific Projects

Easements Workshop

Funding for all the work necessary to develop and put on an
easements workshop.  The workshop will explain the New Mexico
Cultural Properties Preservation Easements Act (45-12A-1 to
47-12A-6 NMSA 1978) to professionals such as estate planners
and attorneys, historic preservation planners, etc. so that they
can inform their clients and 	constituents about the financial
incentives and preservation opportunities presented by this Act.
Available funding:  $7,000. 

Grassroots Preservation Law Booklet
Funding to research and develop the camera ready copy for a
booklet that will inform New Mexicans about various mechanisms
for protecting historic/prehistoric properties, particularly at
the local level.  Contractor will also develop a mailing list
for NM users.  Available funding:  $10,000.

Preparation of the Division Newsletter

Funding to prepare and mail the Historic Preservation
Division’s newsletter.  This project involves working closely
with Division staff on concepts and directions for three issues
of the newsletter to be published between approximtely July 1998
and September 1999. Editing of material supplied by staff and
others; writing some aritcles; preparing camera-ready copy;
mailing newsletters first-cass to approximately 2800 readers.
Total funding available:  $18,000.
National Register of Historic Places Guidebook

The Division proposes to prepare a book listing all properties
in New Mexico listed in the National Register of Historic
Places prior to December 31, 1996.  The book is intended to
help people identify those properties that are significant to
New Mexico history and architecture.  The book will be arranged
by county and contain addresses where appropriate.  Photographs
will be taken from the HPD photo archives or from site visits
by the contractor.  The design of the book should be in
“guidebook” format suitable for keeping in the car, in your
backpack or on your bicycle while traveling around the state.
The project includes all work through the camera-ready stage but
does not include publication.  Available funds:  $25,000.

Geoarchaeological Context Study

The Division is seeking bids on a proposal to conduct a
geoarchaeological study of the dune fields currently being
developed for oil and gas in Southeastern New Mexico. The study
will entail a comprehensive review and analysis of all relevant
archaeological and geomorphological data from the region with
the objective of  producing a testable probability model on
archaeological integrity, one that predicts the relationship
between surface and subsurface depositional contexts for the
land forms found in the study area. This study will help in
establishing base line information on this highly dynamic
landscape that, with further testing and refinement of the
model, can be used by cultural resources managers to
distinguish between those areas that have a good probability
of  containing intact subsurface archaeological deposits and
those areas that do not.  The study area or areas will be
selected at the time the contract is negotiated and will
nvolve coordination with the Bureau of Land Management and
possibly the State Land Office and the oil and gas producers.
Available funding:  $15,000

Historic Acequias Database

The Division wishes to follow up on the historic context for
New Mexico acequias prepared during the 1995 grant cycle. This
context, A Review of the Historic Significance of and Management
Recommendations for Preserving New Mexico’s Acequia Systems,
provides a framework for identifying, evaluating, and managing
water conveyance systems in the State of New Mexico. The Division
now wishes to contract for services that will enable us to
integrate acequia systems into the New Mexico Cultural Resource
Information System (NMCRIS) and establish cooperative
relationships with public and private entities to support future
data collection efforts. 

The project will result in two products:

1) a basic database model for acequias, developed in coordination
with Division technical staff and populated with baseline
management (non-spatial) data for all acequia systems registered
with the NM State Engineer’s Office,

2) by February 1, 1999, a grant application to the US Geological
Survey National Spatial Data Infrastructure Benefits Program to
support a pilot data collection effort.

Available funds: $10,000

Galisteo village inventory and nomination

Galisteo Historic District was listed in the State Register
of cultural Properties in 1969 by 	the Cultural Properties
Review Committee; however, an inventory of contributing and
noncontributing properties, boundaries and a description
and statement of significance were never prepared.  This
project will included inventorying contributing and
noncontributing properties, determining boundaries,
researching and writing a description and statement of
significance, taking selective photographs, preparing a
boundary map and completing the State Register form A.
Available funds:  $7,000.

Palace of the Governors nomination

The Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, was listed in the
State Register of Cultural Properties in 1968 and the
National Register of Historic Places in 1966.  The Palace
became a National Historic Landmark in 1966.  The Division
wishes to contract for completion of the documentation for
the nominations to the State and National Registers.
Available funds:  $3,000.

Preservation Needs Assessment of New Mexico’s New Deal Art

Many of New Mexico’s New Deal era buildings contain murals
and easel paintings that were commissioned by various New Deal
programs to bring art to the public.  As part of an ongoing
effort to assess the conservation needs of these important
features of historic buildings, the Division wishes to contract
for a conservation needs assessment of New Deal artwork in
Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Truth or Consequences, Clayton,
and Taos.  Available funds: $6,000.


Please send the Request for Proposals for the following project(s):

__Nomination/Palace                  	__Acequia project                     
__National Register book		__New Deal art project
__Historic structures reports		__Geoarchaeology project
__Technical assistance grants		__Small grants		
__Getting out the word on preservation	__Newsletter
__Galisteo survey and nomination	__Tribal grants
__Law booklet				__Easements workshop  

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