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Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 05:15:00
Subject: 1998 Sheep Is Life

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From: Suzanne Jamison
Sheep is Life -  A Celebration of Shepherds and Weavers 
Contacts:   Suzanne Jamison, Project Coordinator,  
voice, 505-536-9339; e-mail Suzanne Jamison
Dates: Thursday-Sunday, June 25-28, 1998 
Location: San Juan College, Farmington , New Mexico 
Information: Recursos de Santa Fe, a nonprofit organization 
505-982-9301, ext. 6;  800-732-6881 to request a brochure.   
Sheep is Life: A Celebration of Shepherds and Weavers is an annual 
event and year-round educational program bringing together 
representatives from cultures for whom "sheep is life" to share their 
rich heritages with each other and the public. The celebration 
focuses on the importance of sheep raising to traditional lifeways; 
the role of sheep in the evolution of cultures; the special qualities 
of wool, meat and survival rates of hardy sheep breeds; issues of 
land use and range management; and spiritual, psychological and 
cultural values. 
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, Dine bi iina' (Navajo 
Lifeways), Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, Navajo Sheep Project, and 
Recursos de Santa Fe are collaborating with other organizations to 
present a public celebration June 25-28, 1998, at San Juan College in 
Farmington, New Mexico.  ALBC will be holding its annual meeting as 
part of the event, and the N-CSA will hold its regional meeting. The 
event includes a seminar; hands-on activities for all ages at the 
sheep camp; exhibits of rare and endangered livestock breeds; and 
arts and crafts sales.  Workshops will be offered on topics such as 
animal husbandry, processing wool from Navajo-Churro sheep, weaving, 
economic development, and grazing and range management. Sheep is Life 
honors all people struggling to maintain their agrarian and 
pastoralist lifestyle in the face of modern pressures.  The purpose 
of this annual Celebration is to strengthen community;educate the 
public; bring together ranchers and pastoralists; provide economic 
support for sheep, goat, and wool producers and weavers; and share 
the love of sheep, wool, weaving, and land. This annual celebration 
is presented with support from the American Livestock Breeds 
Conservancy, Intermountain Farmers Association, Lila Wallace-Reader's 
Digest Community Folklife Program administered by the Fund for Folk 
Culture, Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, Navajo Sheep Project, San 
Juan College, and others  
Special Events and Activities 

* Sharon Begay, President of Dine be iina' and Navajo Culture Teacher 
at Ganado Primary School, is orchestrating a range of activities for 
children and adults to experience Sheep Culture.  Each day there will 
be special sheep recipes to taste; poetry writing workshops; 
storytelling; and time for elders and youth to share.  People of all 
ages can make "box looms" and small weavings, participate in hands-on 
activities such as wool washing, spinning, and felt-making, and learn 
about plants used in native dyeing.  

* Arts and crafts tables and food booths will be set up each day. 

* Rare and endangered breeds of sheep and other livestock, including 
the Navajo-Churro, will be in portable pens.  There will also be a 
workshop on training guard llamas.  

* Demonstrations include traditional and indigenous wool processing 
techniques by artists from many cultures.   

* A Sheep Cook-out and Campfire honors our elders with stories, 
poetry, and song.  

Sheep is Life develops programs and provides services to traditional 
and native cultures to:  1) increase recognition of the importance of 
sheep to cultures and lifeways; 2) improve the quality of all sheep 
and wool resources; 3) improve marketing of wool and lamb products; 
4) educate the public and regulatory agencies about the importance of 
sheep to the lifeways of native and traditional peoples; and, 5) 
promote economic development that is culturally relevant to rural and 
indigenous communities.   

Registration for the lectures and workshops is $125 for four days; 
single day rates are available.  Fee waivers and work exchange positions 
are available for persons with low income, students, and seniors.  No 
one will be turned away for lack of funds to pay.  All the events and 
activities at the Sheep Camp are free.  Call Recursos de Santa Fe, 1-
800-732-6881 to request a brochure; 505-982-9301, ext. 6 to speak to the 
Registrar; fax 505-989-8608; or e-mail  Recursos de 
Santa Fe is a nonprofit organization presenting educational programs on 
the arts, cultures, literature, and humanities of the Southwest.