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Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 05:12:00
Subject: Prescott AZ Citizens Cemetery

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Evan Sage

Citizens Cemetery in Prescott was established in 1864.
The first recorded burial was Joel Woods. He was a member
of the Legislature of Colorado, and accidently shot while
hunting in the region "was buried on the 2nd instant in a
beautiful ground just east of town which will be reserved
for a public cemetery"(ARIZONA MINER June 22, 1864). The
name of the cemetery has gone through various terminologies:
"town cemetery", "Prescott Cemetery", "City Cemetery", and,
"Citizens Burying Ground." The term CITIZENS CEMETERY was
first employed in January 1872. The parcel of land was
originally owned by Virgina Koch who deeded the property to
her family upon her death in 1882. The inheritants sold their
intersts in the property to T.W. Otis and George H. Tinker
and their wives. On Octber 13, 1884, the land was transfered
to Yavapai County. Interments continued on a regular basis
until 1933. The closure of general burials was due to a letter
from the Ruffner Funeral Home to the County implying that that
every time they dug they came upon rotting wood and bones.
Hence only burials are held for families and/or individuals
who had already reserved space. There is a wealth of history.
Further information is available through Sharlot Hall Museum,
the Yavapai Cemetery Associtaion (Pat Atchison 520-778-5988)
or through me.

Evan W. Sage
(520) 771-2683