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Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 23:15:33
Subject: Prescott Tradition

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Prescott Tradition

Archaeology of the Prescott, Arizona Area -- Prescott, Arizona
lies in the heart of an area that was occupied prehistorically
by a population that is called the Prescott Culture or Tradition
by archaeologists. Bordered by the Hohokam to the southeast, the
Sinagua to the northeast, and the Patayan to the northwest and
west, the Prescott Culture receives little attention in textbooks
and archaeological overviews of the Southwest. In the past, there
was some justification for this neglect because of the lack of
good archaeological information, but that has changed in the last
decade or so. There are now 35 to 40 sites that have been
excavated in the region and the results of those excavations
provide us with a much better idea about its prehistoric
occupants. The Web page is intended to provide an introductory
overview on selected aspects of the archaeology of the region with
information on sources for those who want to find out more. This
page was prepared by the students of the Fall 1997 ANT231 -
"Southwestern Archaeology" course taught at Yavapai College,
Prescott. The instructor, Andrew L. Christenson edited the text.
Images were scanned and edited by Peter Vanderbloom, Media
Specialist, Yavapai College.