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Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 22:19:33
Subject: National Association for New Deal Preservation

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Sarah Ann Bowler

Office of the Secretary of State December 14, 1998
Contact Person: Kathy Flynn (505) 827-3600, (505)473-3985


"The legacy of the New Deal era of the 1930's is a
valuable American repository that exists nationwide,"
Kathy Flynn, the Executive Director of the National
Association for New Deal Preservation said following the
formation of this organization, Friday, December 4 in
Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sam Larcombe noted it was quite a
symbolic move since it was made on the 56th anniversary
date of President Roosevelt's closing all New Deal
programs in 1942. National and state representatives of
art, education, preservation, historic foundations and
conservation groups like the Civilian Conservation Corps
(CCC) gathered under the auspices of the New Mexico
Office of the Secretary of State Stephanie Gonzales and
Dr. Edson Way, Director of the Cultural Affairs joined
in welcoming the group who were interested in raising
the nation's conciousness for these valuable New Deal
treasures and the people who worked hard to create them.
Sam Larcombe, President of the new association said,
"our purpose is to form a link between the activities
of the various New Deal work projects done between
1933-42 of the Roosevelt era and the present." "Our
agreed upon mission is 'to identify, preserve, document
and educate people about the New Deal visual and
performing arts, literature, crafts, structures and
environmental projects." It is expected that within
the country there are universities, historic and
preservation groups which will be served by and through
the umbrella of this new organization. Dr. Duane
Chartier of ConservArt Associates, Inc. in California
and New Mexico and vice president of NANDP believes the
objective is not only to "preserve the works of arts
and crafts, buildings and environments" but to provide a
better understanding of the people of that depression
era. Lynda Grasty, Albuquerque art curator, has worked
with Kathy Flynn for recent years on the New Mexico New
Deal Public Art Restoration Task Force and will serve as
secretary of the new group. Dr. Connie Sieffer from the
Highland Park High School in Chicago will be a great
contributor as the treasurer of this organization that she
is strongly in favor of and brings much knowledge about
the New Deal creations in the midwest. Regional
representative of the Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni
association, Roy Lemons of Belen was joined by Charles
Singletary in representing that large group of men (and
one woman) who served this country in both conservation
corps projects and later in its military defense. The new
board members of this group are from Illinois, Ohio,
California and New Mexico and national advisors will also
be invited to join in guiding the group's activities. One
of the first activities will be to make a presentation at
the annual National Trust for Historic Preservation
conference in Washington, D.C. in October 1999. All
individuals and groups interested in affiliating with
the National Association for New Deal Preservation can do
so by contacting Kathy Flynn at P.O. box 602, Santa Fe,
NM 87504 or email her at A new
website will soon be accessible as