Message #222

Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 17:25:44
Subject: September FLETC ARPA Class In Santa Fe

[ AzTeC / SWA SASIG ] :

From: Martin McAllister

The FLETC ARPA class is scheduled presentation in
Santa Fe, New Mexico September 14-18. The local host
will be the National Park Service. This is the first
time the class has been offered in Santa Fe which
provides some great training opportunites, such as
field trip sites and access to National Park Service
personnel and facilities, as well as the obvious
peripheral benefits for participants. The legal
instructor for this ARPA class will be Assistant U.S.
Attorney Wayne Dance of the District of Utah. Wayne
has prosecuted more ARPA cases than any other AUSA in
the country, including the College of Santa Fe case,
the Earl Shumway case, the Polar Mesa Cave case in
Utah which resulted in more prosecutions under ARPA
than any single previous case, and a recent
petroglyph vandal case. He also recently used ARPA to
criminally prosecute a construction company for damage
they caused to a site on federal land in Utah. The
announcement for the class should be available through
federal agencies. As usual, the class is open to all
federal, tribal, state and local law enforcement
officers, archaeologists and specialists in related
fields and the normal tuition fee of approximately
$250 will be charged. If you need additional
information, please contact Martin McAllister
406-728-7195 or Woody Jones 912-267-3042.