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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 12:14:05
Subject: Tribal Genetic Research Conference

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From: (AISESnet General List)
Subject: Tribal Genetic Research Conference
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
P.O. Box 278 Pablo, MT   59855
For Immediate Release
Date: April 13, 1998
Contact: Michael T. Pablo, Tribal Chairman
Phone:	406-675-2700, ext. 411
FAX: 406-675-2806

A Conference on North American Genetic Research
and Native Peoples
Pablo, MT - The Confederated Salish and Kootenai
Tribes and the Montana/Wyoming Area Indian Health
Board will cohost a conference on North American
Genetic Research and Native Peoples in Polson,
Montana at the Kwataqnuk Resort on June 29 and 30,
1998. The conference will provide a forum to
discuss issues relating to human genetic research
and indigenous peoples of North America.  

Topics to be addressed include: the science of
genetics, international genetic research, legal
concerns, repatriation, implications to Tribal
communities, policy models for Tribal protection,
the Human Genome Diversity Project and panel
discussions on the ethics of genetic research.
Leading authorities on these issues have been
invited as guest speakers from both the Tribal
and scientific communities.
The Conference theme Colonialism through Biopiracy
speaks to the underlying threat of genetic research
and its potential impact on Tribal sovereignty.
Indigenous peoples are organizing worldwide to
prevent yet another colonization of their Nations
through scientific measures. The conference is
geared for Tribal leaders, cultural leaders,
elders, health officials, scientists, Tribal legal
advisors and educators.
To pre-register for the conference, please call
Velda Shelby at (406) 675-2700, ext. 339. The
pre-registration cost is $150 if paid by May 22,
1998 and $175 thereafter. A final agenda will be
announced in May. Due to limited space, organizers
encourage participants to make early reservations
with the Kwataqnuk Resort in Polson, Montana at
1-800-882-6363 or (406) 883-3636.

Conference organizers have also issued A Call for
Papers to thoroughly examine any of the
aforementioned topics. A summary of these papers
will be presented at the conference and published
for international distribution. The paper size is
unlimited but must include a one page summary or
an abstract of the content.

Send papers by May 2, 1998 to:
Judy Gobert, Salish Kootenai College,
P.O. Box 117, Pablo, MT   59855

For more information on submitting papers or for
conference details, call Judy at 406-675-4800.