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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: 1998 AAAM Kick-off Planning Meeting Minutes
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 22:33:46 -0700

From: Ann Howard 


Compiled by Ann Howard, Public Archaeology Programs Manager
State Historic Preservation Office

	A total of 20 people attended the kick-off planning meeting for 1998
Arizona Archaeology Awareness Month (AAAM) that was held in the offices of
Arizona State Parks (ASP) at 1300 W. Washington, Phoenix.  The Arizona
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) sponsored the meeting which was
chaired by Ann Howard, Public Archaeology Programs Manager for the SHPO.
Jim Garrison, the State Historic Preservation Officer was present at the
meeting.  The following items were discussed and decisions were made by the
planning group that was present:

I.  Recap of 1997 AAAM:  A brief summary of the main events of the 1997
AAAM celebration was presented by Ann Howard.  She provided information
sheets that summarized the results of a survey that SHPO mailed out to the
archaeological community one month after AAAM was over; part of the survey
invited input on AAAM and how it can be improved next year.  The summary
information sheets provided the written comments that were submitted on the
survey responses.  These comments included both positive and negative
comments on the 1997 AAAM celebration; a copy of the summary may be
obtained by contacting Ann Howard at 602/542-7138.

II.  1998 AAAM: A few comments with regard to the 1998 celebration were
offered at the meeting:  Since SHPO will again be generating a Listing
(Calendar) of Events for next year’s celebration, it was suggested that we
try to get the whole calendar into a newspaper as an insert, perhaps in the
“GET OUT” publication.  It was also suggested that the Listing of Events
contain more visual icons to represent the different kinds of
archaeological activities that are being offered during the month.  It was
agreed that the format (by Region/City) of the Listing should be continued.

A list of previous years' themes was provided to the attendees to help jog
their memories and to prevent duplication with previous years.  The
planning group then generated a new list of possible themes which were
ranked and voted on by those in attendance.  The first place choice was:
“Discover the Road to Ruins.” Second place choice: “Peer into the Past,”
and third place choice: “Archaeology: How to Ask the Past.”

III.  Archaeology Expo: A brief recap of the 1997 Expo that was held at
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument was presented by Ann Howard.  Over
6,500 people attended the Expo on Friday and Saturday, March 7-8.  She
provided attendees with an information sheet that summarized the responses
received from visitors at the Expo; the Research and Marketing Section of
ASP compiled the results of the responses, a copy of which can be obtained
Ann Howard.  The responses were overwhelmingly positive and also indicated
that 75% of the public had never attended an Expo before and that they had
learned stewardship ethics from the displays, tours, events, etc. that they
visited at the Expo.
Ann Howard also provided information sheets that summarized the Expo
section of the questionnaire that SHPO mailed out to the archaeological
community after AAAM was over.  A copy of this handout is also available
from Ann Howard.  Many of the responses received from this survey were
submitted by participants at the Expo and discussed the on-site logistical
problems from their perspective (e.g., the lack of food vendors on-site,
the lack
of parking on-sites, etc.).  Ann Howard indicated that they would try to
address these comments and concerns during planning for the 1998 Expo.  

IV.  1998 Archaeology Expo:  It was announced that the location for the
1998 Archaeology Expo would be at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center (DVRAC)
in Phoenix.  Dr. Peter Welsh, Director of DVRAC, and Kim Huber, Assistant
Director, were present and discussed the logistics of the upcoming Expo
with regard to parking, shuttling, food vendors, etc.  There will not be
room for public parking on the grounds due to the exhibit canopies, so the
public will have to be shuttled into the Expo.  Dr. Welsh is looking into the
possibility of having participant parking on the grounds, however.  The
logistics of public tours of the rock art at the DVRAC were discussed in
detail, but will be further examined at future Expo planning meetings.

The dates for the 1998 Expo were decided upon:  March 14-15, 1998.  Ann
Howard stated that a special school field trip component of the Expo could
be held on Friday, March 13th, but that the SHPO could not take on the task
of organizing this component again for next year.  The SHPO asked that
another partner be found to coordinate and organize this component if it is
to occur again.  This new component of the Expo received very positive
comments from the school children and teachers that attended; it is hoped
that this valuable program can be continued as it was very successful.

A date was set for the initial 1998 Archaeology Expo planning meeting:
September 8, 1997.  It was agreed that this meeting will be held at the
DVRAC so that attendees can get acquainted with the facilities and better
examine planning logistics on-site.

V.  Archaeology Awareness Month Poster:  An AAAM poster will again be
produced by the SHPO.  Linda Trujillo was present and indicated that
Motorola is again contemplating underwriting the poster; she will let us
know as soon as it has been approved. ng underwriting the poster; she will
let us know as soon as it has been approved.

[ SASIG Ed' Note --  Several states make www archaeology month posters; SWA
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