Message #170:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: 1997 Directory of Archaeological Societies and Journals
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 08:22:17 -0700 

[ Don't wait for someone else to fail to include your organization.  Send
your information to Smoke Pfeiffer so your Society or Chapter or Journal
won't be left off the list.  To see the 1996 directory visit: or --  SASIG Ed. ].

From:	Michael 'Smoke' Pfeiffer 

I am updating my Directory of Archaeological Societies and Journals for
1997. This is the third annual revision.  It will be distributed about the
first of June to the list owners of Arch-L, HistArch, and Artifact as well
as Brian Kenny and Hugh Jarvis to update the version on their websites.  It
has grown to the point that Canada and Australia have their own sections.
I can e-mail an ASSCII version to anyone who wants a copy of the current
version to check and see if their societies and Journals are listed and
that the listing is current.  I have been updating the master copy with
information sent to me and garnered off the lists since the 1996 version
was distributed a year ago.  I am including each societies: name, address,
phone, fax, e-mail, website, name of journal & how often it is published
(annual, semi-annual, quarterly, ect.) the name of the newsletter & how
often it is published. Some of the smaller societies do not have their own
phone, fax, e-mail or website. No problem. I will just list what you do have.
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