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Subject: In The Houses and Kivas of Tusayan and Moqui
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 17:08:38 -0700

[ When apocryphal stories are passed along with seeming referent in the
Southwest, SWA is tempted to analyze or interpret their telling.  One 
might ask: What is the agenda behind the message?  Why do the Hopi 
publish such an article? -- SASIG Ed. ]

From:	Michael Pfeiffer
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 16:09:04 +0000

Date: ## 03/20/97 09:43 ##
Ideas from another culture

The Hopis live in twelve villages spread over three mesas in northeastern
Arizona.  Over a very long period of time the Hopis have developed a
complex social organization based on respect and courtesy between
individuals and groups.  The following is taken from the Hopi newspaper
Tutuveni.  We think these "commandments" apply equally well to us on the

The 10 Commandments of Getting Along With People 

1)  Keep skid chains on your tongue.  Say less than you'd like.  Cultivate
a soothing voice.  How you say it often means more than what you say.

2)  Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully, no matter what the cost.

3)  Never lose and opportunity to say a kind word to or about somebody.
Praise work well done no matter who did it.

4)  Be interested in others, their pursuits, their homes and their
families. Let everyone you meet, however humble, feel you regard them as

5)  Be cheerful.  Keep the corners of your mouth turned up. Hide your
worries and disappointments under a smile.

6)  Keep and open mind on all debatable questions.  Discuss, don't argue.
It is a mark of a superior mind to disagree and remain friendly.

7)  Let your virtues speak for themselves, and refuse to discuss the
shortcomings of others.  Discourage gossip by changing the subject.

8)  Have respect for the feelings of others.  Wit and humor ar the expense
of a friend are never worth it.

9)  Pay no attention to destructive remarks and personal attacks on you.
Live so that no one will believe them.  Remember, a common cause of
backbiting is dissatisfaction with oneself.

10) Don't be concerned about your "just due".  Do a good turn for the sake
of being helpful.  For those who seek gratitude, look in the dictionary.