Message #125:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Organizing a Revolt with Divine Approval
Date: Tue Mar 18 05:48:32 1997

[I know nothing of comets, but if a single celestial event is to be linked
to the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, one has to ask if this comet appeared, and,
about which time of year it appeared in the Southwest?  Other questions
come to mind:  How long had the Pueblos been plotting and organizing (the
Revolt of August 1680) against coercive Spanish rule, and, how randomly
coincident was the Revolt with the timing of the celestial appearance?
Well-known background information on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 is presented
below -- SASIG Ed.]

There were several Indian revolts against Spanish rule before 1680, but in
1680, for the first and only time, the Pueblos acted together.  Taos, one
of the most isolated of the Eastern Pueblos, was farthest removed from the
intensive center of Spanish influence on the Rio Grande [of the 2,800
Spanish who were in New Mexico at the time of the Pueblo Revolt, only 70
were in the Taos area].  It is said thar the leaders of the Pueblo Revolt
plotted against the Spanish and organized the Revolt from the kivas of Taos.

Little is know of events in the west, in Hopi towns in 1680. We do know
that the Revolt was carried out in Hopi sometime between August 10 and
August 13 of 1680.  According to Tewa traditional oral history, after the
Pueblo Revolt and the annihilation of Awatovi, the Hopi-Tewa as a single
village unit moved from the Rio Grande to First Mesa at the request at the
request of the Walpi village chiefs.

According to the Handbook of North American Indians (Volume 9), when Diego
de Vargas again established Spanish control 1692, he found that the Zuni on
Dowa Yalanne had preserved with care the ritual objects taken from the
churches -- and according to the Handbook -- this was the only instance
where these objects had not been destroyed during the Revolt [but see which reports that
the vestments of Catholic priests who died during the Pueblo revolt in A.D.
1680 were purchased feloniously from a woman who lived on the Acoma

Perhaps others can shed light on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, the appearance
of comets in the Southwestern sky, and the preservation of Spanish
religious artifacts by Southwestern Pueblos after the Revolt ......  Ans,
while we are at it, what role (if any) did the Apache and Navajo have in
Revolt of 1680?