Message #122:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Evolution of Complex Systems in the Southwest
Date: Fri Mar 14 10:05:06 1997

You will notice an improvement to SASIG e-mail.  We have upgraded our
software capabilities.  Instead of long lists of names in headers, SASIG
messages should now appear shorter. All persons on the list will still
receive SASIG messages ( well before they are archived at
 ), but, individuals won't
generally have to deal with the long headers anymore.

We still are collecting 'donations' to support establishment of SWA as a
501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.  A number of SASIG recipients already
have donated to our project and we thank them.  If you like SWA's services
and goals, please consider a contribution.
SWA began two years ago.  Upon establishment of the 501c3 and installation
of a board of directors, SWA will develop a business plan and a marketing
plan, and, solicit grants to bring improved computer server hardware, and,
services and information related to Southwestern archaeology (prehistoric
and historic), ethnography, and, history.  Let us know if you have skills
and energy to contribute and wish to be considered for a Board position.

When meeting with colleagues or speaking before the public, please mention
SWA and encourage your audience to 'subscribe' to the SASIG list and visit
the SWA webpage.  We welcome professional and avocational archaeologists,
anthropologists and historians, and, independent scholars and students of
prehistory interested in Southwestern archaeology and historic preservation.

Most importantly, we want to publish your APPROPRIATE historic preservation
information and archaeological data on the SWA web pages.

SWA needs your 'content' !!

SWA will become a world-class site serving the professional and avocational
communities and the public at large.  We encourage submission of your
Southwestern current events notices, current research, organizational
newsletters, site reports, theses or dissertations, publishable articles,
proceedings of symposia, festschriften, etc. Whether contemplating or
completing research, or planning an event, contact SWA and we will be
pleased to help advise, organize and format your hypertext documents for
publication on the WWW.

Finally, SWA seeks regional leaders from around the Southwest to serve as
advisors, coordinators and subject-matter experts for SWA's
geographically-based web pages (AZ, NM, CO, UT, TX, CA, NV, Sonora,
Chihuahua).  We believe that locally-based scholars know best the content
that SWA should present.  Contact us if you are interested in moderating a
webpage or topic.


Brian Kenny
Matthias Giessler