Message #115:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: An Alutiiq Alaskan native research program
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:13:28 -0700

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Your website is most interesting in that Native peoples of Afognak are
working closely with the Alutiiq Museum of Kodiak to retrieve culturally
significant knowledge from the archaeology record, which has become
critical in the struggle for survival of Alutiiq heritage.  Here, in the
American Southwest, several Native American communities are working
closely with archaeologists.  A number of Tribal communities run their
own Cultural Resource Management programs and heritage museums, and,
hire community members and archaeologists  -- SASIG Ed. ]

Mary D. Patterson wrote:

 Camai, Brian:
 At the suggestion of Christina Elnora Gara of the Arizona State
 Historic Preservation Office, I am contacting you in regards to the
 archaeological research program "Light the Past, Spark the Future, Dig
 Afognak" which was begun by our Afognak Native Corporation in 1993.
 Through the work at our remote field camp on Afognak Island in the
 Kodiak Island archipelago of Alaska, we are combining scientific
 research with traditional knowledge in the search to understand the
 history and culture of this community. From the beginning of June to
 the close of August each summer, lay participants join our
 professional staff and native community in not only our archaeological
 excavations but other related areas as well.
 If you could review our site; . I would
 interested to see if you felt this information could be inclusive on
 your electronic bulletin board on Archaeology?
 Thank you for your time with this.
 Mary D. Patterson
 Coordinator -"Dig AFognak"
 Afognak Native Corporation
 P.O. Box 1277
 Kodiak AK 99615
 (907)486-2514 - fax