Message #242:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Talking Kivas 
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 09:23:04 -0700

[ FYI -- A few years ago, 'Talking Pots' were discovered at the Raven
Site.  Most archaeologists know that artifacts yield information, but
few have heard them speak.... ] 

From:	Brian W. Kenny	

The June 5, 1997 edition of  The Apache County Observer (Springerville
AZ) ran the headline "Large and unique discovery made at the Raven Site
Ruins."  The article states that the largest square kiva known in the
Southwest was discovered at the Raven Site on May 25, 1997.  The
interior dimensions were said to be 44 feet by 46 feet, with the
semi-underground walls standing 2 feet high.  The structure is thought
to be a kiva because of its east-facing entryway and characteristic
sandstone inner wall forming an inner bench.  The article indicates that
the kiva was discovered by "Jeffrey Brown, a Harvard University graduate

I checked the student address book on the Harvard web site and only
found one Jefrrey Brown in BioSci.  I called Mr. Brown to ask him about
the find, but he was the wrong person.  So I called the Harvard Anthro.
Department and they informed me that they do not have enrolled a
graduate student by that name.  I tried to call the Raven Site, but, did
not connect.   

The newspaper article stated that Mr. Brown also dug at the kiva at Casa
Malpais in 1990, and that the kiva at the Casa  now is only the second
largest kiva known in the Southwest when compared with the newly
discovered Raven Site kiva.

With the many unsubstantiated past claims made at these two sites, one
wonders if this simply is a case of " kiva envy " within the
tourist-hungry communities of the Round Valley?  Anyone stopping by the
Raven Site should check out the kiva story and report back. 

The article also states that students digging at the Raven Site are
earning college credits from several universities and colleges, but,
there was no discussion regarding which schools were offering credit
through the Raven Site.  Does anyone know?